Poll Recap: Horse Hauling Options

Poll Recap: Horse Hauling Options

Of the 964 poll respondents, the majority of respondents (74%) said they own their own horse trailer.

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A trip to the vet. A horse show or competition. Evacuating your horses due to a natural disaster. All of these things require some form of transportation for your horse. So how will you get him from one destination to the next? 

Last week, we asked our readers how they haul or ship their horses. More than 950 people responded, and we've tallied the results

Of the 964 respondents, 716 (74%) said they own a horse trailer. Another 67 individuals (7%) said they catch a trailer ride with a friend when they need to haul their horse, while 57 (6%) said they hire a commercial hauler. Some 53 individuals (5%) said they borrow a trailer if they need to move their horse, and the remaining 71 respondents (7%) said they do not have a need to transport their horse.

Additionally, more than 45 people commented about how they move their horses:

Several people discussed their own trailers:

  • “I have my own truck and trailer. It was the best ‘horse investment’ I ever made!”
  • “I've had my Hawk for 12 years and it still looks almost new.”
  • “My stock trailer can hold up to four horses. I also use it to haul hay, wood, and garbage to the dump. It's very handy.”
  • “I have my own trailer. Their health and safety is my responsibility.”
  • “I would never be without a horse trailer unless I no longer owned horses.”
  • “I upgraded from a three-horse slant to a four-horse slant with a small living quarters when we moved from New Mexico to Oregon.”
  • “I wouldn't be without my trailer.”
  • “I prefer to haul my own horses, knowing I will take care with them.”
  • “I have two two-horse trailers.”
  • “We use a stock trailer. I think it's brighter, has more airflow, and results in happier and healthier horses.”
  • “I own a trailer, but prefer to catch a ride with a friend.”

Others said they hire a commercial hauler when they have to transport their horse:

  • “I use a commercial shipper for long hauls. It's way better for the horses.”
  • “I have used a commercial hauler for a broodmare close to her due date.”
  • “I used a very friendly, competent hauler for a big move. They were quick and efficient.”
  • “It depends on the situation. If I'm shipping more than two horses I use a commercial hauler.”
  • “When 10 or more need to ship, it's simpler and cheaper to hire.”

Some said they rely on a friend or trainer to haul their horse:

  • “I can count on neighbors' help in an emergency.”
  • “I borrow a trailer from friend or have the barn transport for shows.”
  • “I have the trainer haul if the horse is at track and have hired a commercial service to transport multistate.”
  • “My trainer hauls all the horses at the barn.”
  • “My horse is at the trainer's barn and she has a trailer for emergencies.”
  • “My trainer hauls my horse for me.”

Others said their horse hauling options depended on the length of the trip:

  • “It depends on the distance. If it's under 50 miles I haul. If it's over that I hire or get a friend to help.”
  • “For local moves I trailer myself, but for long distance I hire a professional hauler.”
  • “I own my own trailer, which I use for short trips (less than 10 hours). I use a commercial hauler for longer trips.”
  • “We trailer our own unless major distances are involved.”
  • “I would use commercial transport if I moved a long distance.”
  • “I own my trailer and hire commercial for long trips.”
  • “Local hauls, I do myself. Longer out-of-state hauls, I use a professional.”

And some left general comments:

  • “Being too young to drive or own my own trailer, and I do not own my horse, I ‘tag along’ on trails”
  • “I have a truck and I'm now shopping for a trailer.”
  • “Check the ball to make sure it is the right size and that the coupler has not worn.”
  • “I rarely haul over 300 miles, but it sure is nice to be able to load up and go!”
  • “My horse was put down after developing travel fever. I will never travel with a horse again.”
  • “We don't go much of anywhere. He has a beautiful home.”
  • “All I need is right where I board: Private trails, an indoor, a large outdoor ring, and gymkhanas held at facility.”
  • “I have a spare trailer that's available to anyone in need.”

Are you interested in learning more about safely transporting horses? Read expert tips on how to make sure your horse arrives healthy and happy at your next destination, find out what to do if you have a horse-hauling accident, watch a video on how to perform a horse trailer safety check, and more at TheHorse.com! 

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