10 Conditioning Resources on TheHorse.com

10 Conditioning Resources on TheHorse.com

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With less than two months until spring arrives, you might be starting to organize your plans for your horses in the upcoming year. With a calendar full of trail rides, competitions, and clinics, you head to the barn to share the schedule with your mount … who's turned a bit feral and flabby after not being ridden since your last show a few months ago. Don't panic—we're here to help. Here are 10 conditioning resources available to you for free on TheHorse.com.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Basic Principles of Conditioning
Learn how to safely take your horse from flabby to fit step-by-step with our visual guide. View Now

ARTICLE: Conditioning Young Horses
Before your equine athlete begins full-scale training, he can benefit greatly from preparatory physical conditioning. Yes, it's true that he's still growing, that sensitive structures such as his joints and tendons are still developing, and that, generally speaking, he's immature. But veterinary researchers agree: A fair amount of exercise will do him a significant amount of good, not only now but for his entire life. Read More

SPECIAL REPORT: Conditioning Through the Seasons: Spring and Summer
Common sense and a little bit of experience can go a long way toward keeping your horse fit and sound. Learn how your horse’s body adapts to exercise training, how he acclimates to spring and summer weather conditions, and what you can do to help him perform at his best. Download Now

SPECIAL REPORT: Conditioning Through the Seasons: Fall and Winter

Horses are fairly well-equipped to handle the cold. Problems can arise, though, when we ask our horses to perform strenuous activities under these circumstances. Learn how cold weather riding conditions affect your horse’s body and what you can do to keep him healthy and performing at his best all season long. Download Now

ARTICLE: Use Careful Physical Conditioning for Previously Idle Horses 
In movies it’s not unusual to see a cowboy ride his horse forever, through all types of weather and terrain. But in reality, horses are equine athletes that must be properly conditioned to perform as needed. Learn how to take your horse from pasture potato to well-conditioned without compromising his health. Read More

VIDEO: Exercise Physiology: Are Horses like Humans & Other Species?
Dr. Erica McKenzie of Oregon State University, and an Ironman triathlete, shares what exercise physiology research in humans and dogs can tell us about our horses. Watch Now

ARTICLE: Conditioning the Competitive Trail Horse 
Those of us who have trail ridden and packed into the mountains are apt to offer this advice to the beginner or novice who wants to do likewise: Don't take the mountains lightly, because they can be unforgiving. Know what you are doing and be well prepared before you go. That same advice should be given to beginning and novice competitive trail riders. Learn what to do and be well prepared before competing. Read More

SLIDESHOW: Leg and Hoof Protection 
Horse leg and hoof protection come in a variety of types and styles. Find out which types might suit your horse's needs both during or before and after exercise. View Now

ARTICLE: Horses' Physiologic Responses to Exercise
On the surface, a horse moving through his paces often looks smooth and effortless. Inside that horse, however, are several body systems working tirelessly. Learn how horses' bodies work during exercise and what's needed to let the horse reach his athletic potential. Read More

ARTICLE: Rehabilitation Exercises from the Ground
When a horse suffers a musculoskeletal injury, follow-up events typically include a diagnosis, treatment, and return to soundness. To make a full athletic recovery, however, affected horses might benefit from specific forms of rehabilitation that restore function to the back's deep stabilizing muscles. Read More


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