Poll Recap: Horsey New Year's Resolutions

Poll Recap: Horsey New Year's Resolutions

Of the 618 respondents, 138 (22%) said they resolved to spent more time grooming and relaxing with their horse.

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The beginning of a new year is often the time when most people resolve to reach new goals or better themselves. Did you make horse-related resolutions for 2015? We asked our readers what horse-related resolutions they made for the new year in last week's online poll. More than 600 people responded, and we’ve tallied the results

Of the 618 respondents, 138 (22%) said they resolved to spend more time grooming and relaxing with their horses, while 118 (19%) said they'd like to meet a recreational riding goal. Another 112 respondents said they resolved to take lessons or attend clinics in 2015, and 80 people (13%) would like to meet a show or competition goal. Some 77 respondents (12%) said they resolved to organize their tack, tack room, and barn, while 28 people (5%) said they resolved to incorporate evidence-based horse care into their routines. The remaining 65 respondents had other horse-related resolutions for 2015.

Additionally, more than 60 individuals left comments about their resolutions:

Several people commented about their show or competition goals for 2015:

  • “Barring illness and injury, my horse and I will be eventing again in 2015.”
  • “This is the year to take her to shows!”
  • “I just really want to pass my 4-H level 4! So I need to master flying lead changes and learn a lot!”
  • “Continued training for us both is a given. Hoping to do an Intro level dressage test and survive!”
  • “I hope to start competing my show pony gelding and get started into bringing on my 4-year-old Thoroughbred/Warmblood mare.”
  • “I just got a 5-year-old whom I hope to get the regionals this year then the nationals next year.”

Others said they resolved to ride more and spend more time with their horse:

  • “I just want to spend more time riding and working with my Quarter Horse mare.”
  • “I resolved to continue to ride and spend time with my horse every day.”
  • “Ride more!”
  • “Make time to ride!”
  • “I want to ride more in general (show and recreational), begin under saddle training, start jumping, and volunteer.”

Some people resolved to expand their riding skills with lessons:

  • “I'd like to learn to ride western-style sidesaddle, so I plan to take lessons.”
  • “I hope to try out new disciplines for variety, My ranch horse is learning dressage (with lessons).”
  • “I want to take some lessons to improve my balance and seat.”
  • “I'm going to take lessons for my horse's sake. I know she will thank me as I ride better!”
  • “I want to step my learning to ride better with more lessons for fun.”

A few said they made trail riding resolutions:

  • “I am 75 and not as brave as I once was. There are some trails in the mountains that I want to ride.”
  • “I want to simply ride the trails.”
  • “I hope to get my young Thoroughbred mare comfortable on the trails around my house.”

And several other respondents shared other horse-related resolutions:

  • “I will not take for granted how lucky I am to have my own horse.”
  • “I'm trying to come up with easy things for non-riding parents to do with my senior horses while I'm away at school.”
  • “I will continue to rehabilitate my traumatized rescue horse in the hope of making him into a good mount.”
  • “I hope to get my horse healthy and sound in her whole body, and to ride freestyle, no strings attached!”
  • “I want to teach my mare how to drag so she can help me around the property.”
  • “I'm trying to balance training goals with relaxation and fun rides.”
  • “I'm working on keeping my horse healthy and fit.”
  • “I hope to find out the best trim methods for barefoot horses.”
  • “I plan to spend more time educating myself in areas that will benefit my horse.”
  • “We don’t make resolutions! We always have ongoing projects!”
  • “I want to learn more, ride more, relax more with my horse, and move to a warmer climate!”
  • “I hope to find equine-facilitated therapeutic volunteer work.”
  • “I'll work to improve my personal fitness so that I can ride better and be easier on my horse.”
  • “I'm focused on taking the best care of my aging mare”
  • “I'm creating a regular riding schedule and conditioning and training my young horse.”
  • “I want to get my horses back in work again.”
  • “I hope to build a new barn for my horses!”
  • “I want to buy a horse acreage.”

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