Gluck Researcher Publishes Equine Parasite Control Handbook

Gluck Researcher Publishes Equine Parasite Control Handbook

Craig R. Reinemeyer, PhD, and Martin K. Nielsen, DVM, PhD, EVPC, (seen here), penned a book translating scientific material into practical updated information about controlling equine parasites.

Photo: University of Kentucky's College of Agriculture, Food, and Environment

Veterinary practitioners, laboratory and veterinary technicians, farm managers, and other equine professionals frequently request updated information on and guidance for equine parasite control. Changing recommendations and the existence of several unsupported myths make it challenging to define a proper parasite control program.

A new book titled Handbook of Equine Parasite Control, by Craig R. Reinemeyer, PhD, East Tennessee Clinical Research in Rockville, Tenn., and Martin K. Nielsen, DVM, PhD, EVPC, assistant professor in the Department of Veterinary Science at the University of Kentucky Gluck Equine Research Center, compiles all the available scientific material and translates it into practical updated information about controlling parasites in horses.

Both authors spent years in equine veterinary practice before pursuing an academic career in equine parasitology. They are both board certified in veterinary parasitology and have published widely in the field.

"With increasing frequency, we had people asking for something to read to provide them with the missing information about equine parasitology," Nielsen said. "Craig and I agreed that no single publication encompassing all the needed information was out there, and that we simply had to write that book ourselves."

The book features 20 factual case stories with accompanying questions and suggested answers.

"These cases should help illustrate the concepts presented in the book and will hopefully help the reader to digest the information," Nielsen explained. "We expect that many will probably start by reading those case stories and then use those stories to guide them to which of the 13 preceding chapters they need to read."

The handbook covers all relevant information about the parasites infecting horses and their biology as well as performance and interpretation of diagnostic methods, treatment approaches, and drug resistance. It will be published by Wiley-Blackwell and be available in paperback as well as ebook format. Expected release date is Nov. 13, 2012.

Shaila Sigsgaard is a contributing writer for the Bluegrass Equine Digest.

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