International Conference of Racing Analysts to Meet in Pa.

The 2012 Biennial International Conference of Racing Analysts and Veterinarians (ICRAV) will be held in Philadelphia, Pa., September 15-22. The conference is conducted by the Association of Official Racing Chemists and the International Group of Specialist Racing Veterinarians, both nonprofit organizations providing scientific information to the racing industry.

The theme for this year’s conference is Marching Integrity of Racing into the Future. "This conference is international in scope," says Lawrence R. Soma, VMD, Dipl. ACVA. "We're proud to be hosting an event that focuses on and advances the integrity of the racing business, bringing together veterinary experts in equine care and welfare, and equine forensic chemistry and biology, from around globe."
Soma, a professor of anesthesia, and Marilyn M. Simpson, professor of veterinary medicine at Penn Vet, is co-chairing the event with Cornelius Uboh, PhD, director of the Pennsylvania Equine Toxicology and Research Laboratory.
Among the invited speakers at the conference are Dean W. Richardson, DVM, professor of surgery and chief of the section of surgery at Penn Vet’s New Bolton Center campus; Tom Lentz, DVM, past president of the American Association of Equine Practitioners; James A. Serpell, PhD., The Marie A. Moore professor of humane ethics and animal welfare at Penn Vet’s Ryan Hospital; Tim Morris, DVM, PhD, director of equine science and welfare at the British Horseracing Authority; Bill Finley, ESPN Sports; Eric Parente, VMD, professor of surgery and specialist in equine respiratory issues at Penn Vet’s New Bolton Center; Michael W. Ross, DVM, professor of surgery at Penn Vet’s New Bolton Center; Kanichi Kusano, Equine Research Institute, Japan Racing Association; Yves Bonnaire, Laboratoire des Courses Hippiques; P.L. Toutain, Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire de Toulouse ; and additional laboratories and horse industry representatives from France, New Zealand, Australia, Korea, Canada, and other nations around the world.
ICRAV is the principal forum for those interested in addressing scientific issues facing the racing industry and facilitating the dissemination of knowledge and ideas vital to maintaining the integrity of racing.
More information about the conference is available online.
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