Online Auction Date for Crundwell Horses, Equipment Set

Online bidding on horses seized from embattled Quarter Horse breeder Rita Crundwell will begin on Sept. 7, according to the U.S. Marshal’s Service.

Earlier this year, federal law enforcement agents arrested Crundwell and charged her with one count of wire fraud after a federal grand jury in Illinois indicted her for allegedly misappropriating $53 million in funds from the town of Dixon, Ill. where she had served as city comptroller since the 1980s. Crudnwell later pleaded not guilty to the wire fraud charge. More than 400 horses connected to the case were later seized and placed in custody of the  U.S. Marshals Service. Professional Auction Services, Inc., was later hired to carry out the sale of the horses and related equipment at auction.  
U.S. Marshal’s Service Spokesperson Lynzey Donahue said that the online auction of the halter and performance horses taken in the seizure will begin on Sept. 7 and continue through Sept. 12. A live auction of the animals is slated to take place Sept. 23 and 24 in Dixon, Ill., Donahue said.
An online catalog of the horses and equipment offered at auction is available at the Professional Auction Services, Inc., website. The site also contains U.S. Marshals Service sales terms and conditions, an online auction inventory, and inventories of halter horses, performance horses, and tack offered for sale. Prospective bidders may also register for both the online and live auctions at the website.
Meanwhile, the online auction of Crundwell’s luxury the 2008 Liberty Coach motor home began on Sept. 4, Donahue said. That auction continues through Sept. 25. Details for prospective bidders are available online, she said.
"Should the government prevail in its civil and criminal actions against Crundwell, net proceeds from the sale of the forfeited assets will be applied toward restitution to the city of Dixon," Donahue said.

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