UC Davis Equine Vets Share Health Tips with Horse Lovers

Staff and faculty from the University of California, Davis, (UC Davis) Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital met members of the public June 8-10 at the Western States Horse Expo, where they shared veterinary advice throughout the weekend.

Large Animal Clinic faculty and staff shared a PowerPoint presentation and a new video showing faculty in action. Clients picked up informational brochures, and 300 visitors signed up to receive the award-winning UC Davis Center for Equine Health Horse Report newsletter. Faculty members also presented mini-lectures at "Horse Expo University." Speakers and topics included:

  • Jorge Nieto, DVM, answered numerous questions about colic and other equine emergencies at a full afternoon session of "Ask a Vet";
  • John Hyland, BVSc, spoke about pre- and post-partum depression in mares;
  • Dominic Dawson, DVM, gave a talk on the benefits of having a veterinarian perform equine oral exams before hosting an "Ask a Vet" session on equine dental issues; and
  • Mike Lane, DVM, presented handouts to inform horse owners about the risks of mingling horses with other livestock.

Additionally, hospital staff received a number of equine health questions from Expo attendees and followed up after the event to find the right expert for personal responses.

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