New Horseman's Card Supports Equine Research

Starting this spring, horse owners and equine enthusiasts once again have an easy way to help raise funds for the University of Kentucky (UK) Maxwell H. Gluck Equine Research Center via The Horseman's Card.

Originally introduced in 1992, The Horseman's Card is a unique credit card with a very specific goal in mind: supporting horse health. Every time a cardholder uses his or her card to make a purchase, the Gluck Center receives a donation at no additional cost to the cardholder. Since its inception the program has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars for equine research.

"With The Horseman's Card you can truly make a difference," said Ed Squires, PhD, Dipl. ACT (hon.), director of UK Ag Equine Programs and executive director of the UK Gluck Equine Research Foundation. "At the heart of our research is the horse. The kind of support that The Horseman's Card provides us is what makes advances in equine health and science possible."

When The Horseman's Card's former card-issuing bank did not renew its contract last year, donations temporarily stopped, but those behind the card viewed it as an opportunity to improve the program. As a result, a lot of thought went into selecting UMB Bank, a Missouri-based bank, as its new banking partner. Now, 20 years after it was first offered, the card is being reintroduced and funds will once again be heading the Gluck Center's way.

"These funds provide the flexibility to allow us to fund research needs that may become urgent in a given year, such as an outbreak of a disease," Squires said.

Beyond equine research, The Horseman's Card also comes with several other perks. Cardholders now have the ability to personalize their cards with their own photo or to select from five full-color images created by famed equine artist James L. Crow. They also receive VIP discounts from dozens of nationally-recognized equestrian retailers and will benefit from improved customer service.

"We carefully selected our new banking relationship with UMB so we could add a number of exciting features," said the program's founder, Mark Cole. "Additionally, we had a goal of providing a higher level of service and cardholder satisfaction. We especially like the fact that anytime a cardholder has a question or issue with their Horseman's Card, they can speak directly to an actual bank employee--not some third-party vendor in a faraway place.

"Furthermore, every person who loves horses is concerned with the health of the horse, and what better way to enhance horse health than to support one of the world's leading equine research facilities?"

It is important to note that existing Horseman's Card holders will have to reapply if they wish to continue supporting equine health. Cards not held through UMB Bank are still valid as credit cards, but they are no longer associated with equine research and do not qualify for the VIP discounts. Please contact the phone number on the back of your card to verify if your card participates in the VIP program.

Those who support the concept behind the Horseman's Card hope horse enthusiasts will still take part in the program because of its benefits for equine research.

For more information about The Horseman's Card or to apply, visit Additionally, join other equine enthusiasts by liking The Horseman's Card on Facebook, following the card on Twitter, and finding it on Google+.

Amanda Duckworth, on behalf of The Horseman's Card, contributed this information.

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