KHC Offers Relief to Horse Owners Impacted by Tornadoes

The Kentucky Horse Council (KHC) is providing coordination for the U.S. Equine Disaster Relief Fund to support horse owners recently affected by tornadoes. KHC has experience responding to equine crises through this fund and the Save Our Horses (SoHo) Fund.  

"In the past, we have supported many victims of flooding and disasters in other states, and now it is Kentucky that needs this support," said Anna Zinkhon, president of the Kentucky Horse Council. "The U.S. Equine Disaster Relief Fund will help Kentucky horse owners with temporary feed and fencing as they work to recover from this disaster."
The Kentucky Horse Council has been contacting officials in those areas most affected by the tornadoes to assess the impact of the extensive tornado damage on horse owners.  
When any state needs assistance due to a natural disaster, KHC notifies its members and the Kentucky horse community and begins the process of responding to the needs of the affected horses, typically by purchasing feed that the local response agencies then distribute. 
Donations to the U.S. Disaster Relief Fund can be made at
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