Horse Treadmill Makes Learning Equine Science Fun for Youth

The Rutgers Equine Science Center (ESC) has added a new educational tool--a virtual tour of the equine exercise physiology laboratory and the high-speed treadmill--to the youth component of its website, "Equine Science 4 Kids." The virtual tour is an innovative way for youth to learn the science of horses and get a behind-the-scenes look at how research is conducted in an equine laboratory. The virtual tour is now accessible through the Equine Science Center's website.

The virtual tour features a photographic storyboard detailing the processes involved in successfully completing a graded exercise test and a simulated race test, the two types of equine exercise tests conducted at the exercise physiology lab. As visitors peruse the tour, they will learn interesting facts about how horses are prepared for the treadmill as well as why horses are studied at Rutgers University. The virtual tour is complete with links to individual profiles of horses in the ESC's research herd as well as a video of a horse in action on the treadmill.

"When a horse exercises, its body goes through many of the same changes as humans," said Karyn Malinowski, PhD, director of the ESC. "With a youth-centered virtual tour of the treadmill lab, we are teaching young people the science of horses using a fun and interactive platform."

According to Malinowski, the virtual tour of the treadmill laboratory, as well as a video demonstration of a horse exercising, offers equine enthusiasts an opportunity to learn about the science and research of the ESC as well as the thrilling experience of witnessing a horse on a treadmill.

"At the Equine Science Center, we firmly believe in broadening our horizons as we bring better horse care through research and education," added Malinowski. "The virtual tour of the exercise physiology laboratory provides another modality to enable us to reach the equine community."

For more information about the equine exercise physiology laboratory virtual tour or the ESC, please visit or call 848/932-9419.

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