Rutgers Webinar Series Focuses on Disaster Management

The Rutgers Equine Science Center is gearing up for its annual Fall Webinar Series. Webinars are designed to be interactive with the ability to give, receive, and discuss information. The webinar series is open to the public and registration is simple, and there is no fee to participate.

Each webinar is scheduled to begin at 7:00 pm. Click on the links below 15 to 20 minutes prior to the 7:00 session. This year, in response to Hurricane Irene, the theme is "Disaster Preparation and Recovery."

The first webinar will be on Oct. 26. Mary Goepfert, field training instructor and public information officer from the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management, will present "Resources Available for Assistance after a Disaster Declaration." Agencies like the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Small Business Administration, Farm Service Agency, and even the IRS can help to get you and your business back on your feet. The deadline to apply for FEMA assistance from Hurricane Irene damage is October 31, 2011, so it is important to know how they can help. Even though Hurricane Irene is over, this information could be vital after future disasters. Join the "Resources Available for Assistance after a Disaster Declaration" webinar here.

The second webinar will be on Nov. 9. Shari C. Silverman, VMD, principal veterinarian for the New Jersey Department of Agriculture, will present "Emergency Planning and Preparedness for Horse and Farm." In this talk, she will cover how to develop an emergency plan for your horse, your pets, and your farm; your responsibility as a horse and/or farm owner in preparing for emergencies, the stages in emergency planning; and how can you help your community or the horse community prepare for future emergencies. In light of recent floods, fires, and other natural disasters in New Jersey, this webinar is essential for horse owners. Join the "Emergency Planning and Preparedness for Horse and Farm" webinar here

For additional information about the Fall Webinar Series, please email Carey Williams at or call 732/932-5529.

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