Rutgers ESC Launches Initiative to Support Research Herd

The Rutgers University Equine Science Center (ESC), located in New Brunswick, N.J., recently launched Horse Heroes, a new initiative offering sponsorships for the horses in its research herd. The goal of the Horse Heroes program is to raise funds to purchase grain, hay, bedding, and veterinary care for the herd, which is comprised of 23 mares.

Each horse has a profile containing information such as age, sire and dam names, tattoo number, and original home, as well as information about their role and involvement in teaching and research at the ESC. Pictures of each horse are also available on the ESC's Facebook page.

"We consider the horses in the research herd 'heroes' because they serve as participants in need-based scientific research initiatives which benefit the greater equine community," said Karyn Malinowski, PhD, ESC director. "They contribute to knowledge of horse health by assisting equine scientists and students to advance the well-being and performance of all horses and the equine industry."

Sponsorship levels are tailored for individuals, families, organizations, and companies, as well as groups of friends. Become a "Super Hero" by donating $2,000; a "Champion" for $1,000; and a "Hero" for a $500 sponsorship. Simply complete the sponsorship form, available on each Horse Hero's individual profile page, and mail it with the donation to the ESC.

As a thank you for donations, sponsors receive pictures of their Horse Hero, correspondence and updates from students working with their horse, exclusive open house invitations, the sponsor's name listed on the Equine Science Center website, and acknowledgement of the sponsorship in the ESC's printed newsletter.

"Most of the mares in our research herd are former racehorses or broodmares who have 'lost their jobs,' so to speak," added Malinowski. "The Equine Science Center provides a rewarding second career for these horses: one in which they can give back to the entire equine industry and teach eager students about the science of horses. Plus, anyone who has ever watched these mares run on the treadmill can see that they really do love this job."

For additional information about the Horse Hero sponsorship, please e-mail Carey Williams at or call 732/932-5529.

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