UHC Continues to Compile List of Facilities to Accept Horses

The Unwanted Horse Coalition (UHC) seeks more facilities that accept, place, or use horses to list themselves on the UHC website. Currently, there are over 650 facilities listed. This section of the website has proved successful in matchmaking unwanted horses with an available care facility, as well as potential owners with horses available for adoption. With additional facilities listed on the site, the UHC will be able to assist more unwanted horses and horse owners in need.

According to recent national and regional news reports, the number of unwanted horses in the United States is rising. The UHC's 2009 Unwanted Horses Survey found that 39% of our country's equine care facilities are at capacity, with another 30% at 75%-99% capacity. The UHC estimates there are 170,000 'unwanted' horses in the United States each year. The survey concludes the maximum rate of occupancy for our facilities is 18,060, and that 11,180 horses are being turned away per year.

The resources on the UHC's website are an important bridge between people who are seeking alternatives for their horses and the facilities that are able to accept them. Such facilities include rescue, retirement and retraining facilities, therapeutic riding programs, colleges and universities, police and military organizations, public stables, and government and park service programs.

"The UHC gets daily emails regarding owner give ups and potential horse owners seeking to adopt," said Ericka Caslin, UHC director. "The larger our online network becomes, the more options become available for horses and horse owners in need. If you are a facility that will help with the care, training and use of these horses, we encourage you to sign on."

The UHC website is set up so that facilities can list themselves easily. Any facility that wishes to be listed can go to the UHC website and complete a brief questionnaire. Facilities are listed on the UHC site by state. The information sought is intended to advise horse owners about what type of facility it is, contact information, whether it is tax exempt, year founded, horse capacity, number of staff and whether it follows the "Care Guidelines for Rescue and Retirement Facilities," published by the American Association of Equine Practitioners.

The UHC website also has a series of questions that owners should consider when trying to decide on a facility, program, or second use for their horse.

"These questions will help owners know what options are available and what to look for in a facility," said Caslin. "This is a difficult decision for many owners to make and we want to help them make the best one for their horse. There are plenty of horses that need care, training, and a good home. We want horse owners to be aware of the large rescue/ retirement facilities with multiple locations as well as the smaller facilities that may serve a local area. They all have an important place in this effort.".

To view the "UHC's Facilities That Accept Horses" list, visit the UHC website. For information about the UHC and its efforts, please contact Ericka Caslin at ecaslin@horsecouncil.org or 202/296-4031.

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