Poll: Readers Vaccinate Against WNV

More than 390 readers of TheHorse.com responded to a poll asking, "Which West Nile virus vaccine did your veterinarian use this spring?"

results of poll on West Nile virus vaccines

Results were as follows:

  • I am not sure: 32.07%
  • West Nile Innovator: 27.78%
  • My horse was not vaccinated against West Nile virus this spring: 15.66%
  • Prestige V + WNV: 11.87%
  • Vetera: 6.57%
  • Recombitek: 4.80%
  • Other: 1.26%

Readers shared which West Nile virus vaccines their veterinarians use in the comments below.

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  • Though our state veterinarian recommends W Nile vaccination, we have low mosquito population.
  • fort dodge WNV, EEE WEE, tetnus. I gave, not the vet
  • Australia luckily does't have WN virus... but we do have Hendra... :/
  • I vaccinated them with Innovator EWT - WN
  • A once a year vaccine.
  • Trust my Vet to make these decisions and have never had a problem.
  • Ft. Dodge
  • I suppose I should know...
  • I bought and administered the vaccine, not my vet
  • I am happy with the Vetera vaccine. My sensitive horse did not get any swelling after the vaccine.
  • Ft. Dodge
  • I vaccinate my own horses & can't remember at the moment what brand I use.
  • One thing I know, they get their vaccine every spring :)
  • Trust vet to get right one
  • my horse foundered from this vaccine, never again
  • Whatever my vet uses.
  • Should I care?
  • Every week I read about yet another equine disease! We are killing our horses immune systems!!
  • No reactions!
  • Vet did not vaccinate, I did
  • Not sure, but they get it each Spring
  • Have had more genetic defects in foals with this vaccine than ever before, will not use it.
  • Unfortunately, I wasn't at the barn when my horse got his shots, so I don't know what brand was used
  • 4 way with west Nile

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