Poll: Readers Have Limited Experience with Compounded Meds

More than 400 readers of TheHorse.com responded to a poll asking, "What are your experiences with compounded equine medications?"

results of poll on compounded medication

Results were as follows:

  • I have given my horse a compounded medication: 50.87%
  • I have never used a compounded medication for my horse: 36.23%
  • I have talked with my veterinarian (or vice versa) about compounded medications: 15.38%
  • I don't know what "compounded" means: 2.66%

(Multiple selections allowed)

Readers shared their thoughts on compounded medications in the comments below.

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  • Availability is in question.
  • My compounding pharmacy serves many animal paitents.
  • I prefer to trust commercially-formulated medications.
  • Pergolide is a lifetime maintenance med for Cushing's syndrome horses
  • I gave my horse Compounded meds thru my vet and the treatment was very successful.
  • Had to for pergolide for Cushings horse. Worried til I found Coastal (WPB,FL), then no problem/s.
  • Very successful use of compounded meds: pergolide for one horse, cyproheptadine for another
  • As a PA, I have used compounded medicines on my patients with great success.
  • My horse recieves bute in a pepermint powder form.
  • The development of powdered Bute was a godsend.
  • Now I know more I'm not sure it was legal!
  • Pergolide, compounded after withdrawn from human use, saved my horse's life!
  • Pergolide - a life saver for Cushings horses!
  • A vet gave me a compounded medication once that ended up burning all the hair off = Never Again
  • the drug companies wont provide what we need...
  • Would only use it as a last resort due to lack of supervision of counpounders
  • I used Thriving Pet and never had a problem, they were great. I no longer have a need, sadly, but
  • I used compounded medication for my old gelding for EPM. Had no problems at all.
  • Pergolide forever...sigh...
  • Pergolide
  • I have used several compounds with no problems.
  • If it is needed will trust my vet, but not if is being passed as a cheaper "generic". Illegal!!
  • I have a 33-yr old QH mare on Pergolide for Cushings.. Works really well.
  • Compounding Pergolide made it affordable. It improved my horse's quality of life.
  • It is the only way to get Pergolide...
  • I would never give another compounded med again!
  • it is important where you get them from
  • As long as drug companies like Merial continue to be incredibly greedy, I will buy compounded drugs.
  • Great experience with compounded adaquan at a fraction of the cost
  • Would NEVER do this to a horse. Work on building the immune system is priority!
  • Pergolide
  • thry are easy to use and horses eat it because it tastes better
  • a "cocktail" mixed by my vet for a specific reason, monitored very closely, no problems
  • I used reserpine, an old drug, I don't recommend it.
  • We own 30+ horses, so compounded meds are not new to us.
  • EPM meds when there were no labelled products available
  • You can get exactly what the horse needs.
  • omeprazole.. excellent results and I save hundreds of dollars
  • Doxycycline with excellent results
  • Hard to administer with feed, they could make them more palatable.
  • Im Glucosamine injections
  • The pharmacy my vet recommended is excellent.
  • Great options for various treatment available with compounding
  • A generic version of Adequan
  • my horse was on a compounded pergolide for Cushings. never had any problems
  • Pergolide
  • I have found that compounded medicine for pergolide is an effective, inexpensive alternative.
  • As ordered by veterinarian.
  • Educate yourself about the med and form (liquid, powder, pill) and find a pharmacy with a good track
  • pergolide from pill to liquid form.
  • Compounded meds are an important resource for veterinarians to customize treatment per horse.
  • I always would discuss with vet regarding what meds my horse needs
  • I see no problem as long as the pharmacy is reputable
  • for a horse with E/PM
  • Pergolide
  • I understand the concept behind compounding, but have never needed to use these meds on my horse.

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