Poll: Readers Look for Proof Against Rotational Deworming

More than 840 readers of TheHorse.com responded to a poll asking, "What would make you stop using a rotational deworming program?"

results of poll on ulcers

Results were as follows:

  • Proof that it isn't necessary/working on my farm: 42.45%
  • A recommendation from my vet: 29.63%
  • I don't currently rotate dewormers: 17.05%
  • Nothing, I think rotating dewormers is best for my horse: 10.87%

Readers share their theories on rotational deworming in the comments below.

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  • Proof would have to stand up to repeated testing.
  • I use diatomaceous earth, haven't used a commercial wormer in 16 years.
  • I use a daily wormer plus spring and fall treatments with Ivemectin or Quest have never had a colic
  • we deworm 2 times a year
  • I agree we have to change our ways and catch up to the 21st century for the good of our horses.
  • do fecal test
  • No such thing as 'proof' but good evidence to do something alternative would be needed before change
  • I will continue my horse's rotation program, as I feel it does help him.
  • Proof that it's not necessary via fecal count every so often, which would determine....worm or not.
  • only worm when fecal shows high egg count
  • My horses' fecal tests are normal. Equimax give in Dec. for tapes.
  • Vet has just changed us to "test" and worm if needed based on results.
  • accurate fec from my vet every 3 months
  • I have changed to using fecal samples to determine deworming
  • A fecal egg count shows what's really there, as opposed to what we worms think are there.
  • reasonable cost and easy way to do test
  • Itave already stopped and am doing fecal counts
  • i get fecal worm egg counts done twice yearly
  • I use the vet-recommended dewormer as needed based on FEC tests
  • I do worm egg counts, which show normally 0, and give Equimax in November for tape worm.
  • Our barn owner dictates who gets what, and when. She's the only barn, in our area, with NO parasites!
  • Availability of easy tests would help
  • I try to keep up with new info and have routine discussions with my vet about best/latest ideas.
  • Using fecal egg counts to determine schedule.
  • i have been doing FEC for a year & LOVE the fact my horse does not get chemicals she doesn't need
  • we only worm if fecal tests shows it's necessary
  • I actually stopped this year/ Had a fecal done and my horse had no eggs.
  • Only deworm 2-3 times a year anyway
  • it's already been proven that rotational deworming is out of date!
  • i use a daily wormer.
  • I do fecals on my own horses and worm them as needed
  • I do a fecal count twice a year and then use whatever the vet recommends.
  • If fecals were not so expensive for several horses
  • its worked for over 30 years for me "why change"
  • I use targeted de-worming with egg counts
  • I do a fecal egg count, then rely on vet's recommendation.
  • I do fecal worm testing before deworming and then determine from the results which dewormer to use.
  • Fecal testing then use the right product.
  • I worm in the spring and then do stool collections to take to the vet for egg counts.
  • Have not rotated for many years--resistance in SE makes it useless
  • N.O.M.S. powder works GREAT!
  • most do not work anymore
  • Sheep industry learned what happens w/routine deworming-resistance to all products.
  • Stopped for a year. Used only Quest Plus. Fecal exam after 1 yr on 7 horses, 0 parasites.
  • "closed" herd, fecal exams show minimal infestation, deworm only as necessary
  • Without the OK from my vet, i would not stop my current worming program.
  • I use feed-thru wormer and have never had a problem in 10+ yrs
  • I have stool samples checked and then worm accordingly. There is really no fool proof method
  • Some I rotate and some I don't. Depends on the horse.
  • have tried rotations and when not using zimectrin gold my horses got pin worms
  • if the vet says switch, I will
  • I do an annual fecal exam with my vet to determine what deworming is required.
  • Too much info showing rotational deworming is no longer valid. We use Pfizer's Horse ID program
  • I only worm when the fecal exams indicate it's necessary; then I know what type of worm to eradicate
  • Cheap do it yourself fecal tests
  • I rotate thinking i should. but what about daily deworming products? Is this system better?
  • Due to the resistance issues I now have a fecal run every 8 weeks and deworm based on that.
  • Two times per year deworming not necesery to rotate
  • Something that works one time a year on all worms
  • I do fecal exams every three months and worm for the specific worms present.
  • Scientifically proof that rotational worming is a waste of money...
  • The price of taking a fecal sample analyized will stop most people from checking it.
  • Not every parasite dies with iver, and even with it resistance cd someday develop. Rotation is safer
  • Testing fecal count just gives vets another way to makemore $ with the number of times it needs to b
  • Will rotate unless vet says not to. Dang those nasty things.
  • I use a daily dewormer
  • I have my horses on a daily wormer and treat them with Equimax twice a year.
  • my vet having equipment to test feces
  • Fecal exams that are cheaper than dewormers
  • I use fecals and have been told by my vet NOT to rotate.
  • Seems to me this is such old news. I'm amazed that anyone continues to rotate wormers.
  • problem is, fecals do not tell the whole story so it's impossible to know the actual count
  • I weighed advice from vet to limit worming and not work regular every 3-4 months & no need to rotate
  • using FEC and per vet recommendation have tailored a dewoming program for our farm
  • I do fecal egg counts twice a year, 3 equines, zero eggs,treat for tapeworms spring & fall.
  • I worm ONLY when needed and have very shiny, healthy horses!
  • we only worm based on need from fecal checks 4x/year
  • We do Fecal Egg Counts periodically.
  • Based on an educational seminar I attended, I now only work according to fecal count requirements
  • I still rotate, but according to season and the priminant concern of that season.
  • I deworm based off of FEC results.
  • If "natural" product could be offered, I would jump on it. Parasites have evolved w/horses
  • I currently use fecal test results to determine my worming needs.
  • I would need to have proof.
  • I check fecals
  • I rotated at one time, but when my horses still showed signs of worms I switched to a daily dewormer
  • The farm I board at does Ivermectin every 2 mo. except in Jan when we use Zimectrin Gold
  • I want to stop but can't convince the barn owner who firmly believes in it!!
  • however - I only deworm 3x per year
  • I understand science is advancing, but my horse is healthy on a rotation.

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