Poll: Horse Owners Being Careful with EHV-1 Threat

More than 850 readers of TheHorse.com responded to a poll asking, "How close has the EHV-1 outbreak come to your horses?"

results of poll on ehv-1 outbreak threat

Results were as follows:

  • There are suspected or confirmed cases in my state, but not local to my farm: 51.52%
  • I don't live in a state with EHV-1 cases: 40.07%
  • There are suspected or confirmed EHV-1 positive horses local to my farm: 6.54%
  • My horse(s) were exposed to EHV-1, but have not tested positive or shown clinical signs: 1.29%
  • I have suspected or confirmed EHV-1-positive horses on my farm: 0.58%

Readers shared their experiences with the EHV-1 outbreak in the comments below.

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  • shows and travel between barns restricted
  • Keep your horses home.
  • I live in NC and as of yet, we have not seen a real threat.
  • Vacinated all horse and taking precautions on people entering the property. No new horses allowed o
  • I'm in Illinois and no issues here so far. Horses seldome leave the farm.
  • I am in MA and have 2 competitions in NY June 18th and July 9 th. Should I stay home??
  • Very scary
  • Seems very well managed in CA.
  • I live on the border of UTand AZ, 1 case in my county, but no specific location available.
  • I'm not taking any chances. I'm keeping my horse home away from other horses.
  • Not yet, but its getting closer.
  • I think there are cases in our State, but they are hiding their outbreak at their individual farms.
  • Lots of panic and over-reaction in my general area.
  • Live in Connecticut, have not heard anything
  • I live in Western Colorado and 6 horses were confirmed in our area
  • On the advice of my vet, I've kept my horse home.
  • I am on a closed farm nothing goes or comes
  • luckily I haven't traveled with my horses since this began and my horses live at home, no exposure.
  • I am self-quarentiing my horses at my farm and only ride on trails where there are no other horses.
  • Currently no EHV-1 outbreaks in Georgia :)
  • Keeping fingers crossed that it doesn't make its way over here!
  • Illinois -have not heard of reported cases in Illinois..yet
  • Actually Province. We are staying home and no one is coming in.
  • Nearly everything has been cancelled or shut down to cooperate with control.
  • Skipping a breeding cycle per breeder's call.
  • Keep the horses home and safe.
  • Ranch on voluntary quarantine
  • Thankfully I live in Australia, so we have no risk (and hopefully never will!)
  • my barn has restricted travel off the property and we have biosecurity cleaning stations set-up
  • one confirmed case in gregory county, SD
  • So far none that i've heard about in MT
  • We live n/w of Phoenix in remote area, little chance of infection
  • 3 sent to UCD - Northern California, Sacramento area.
  • My horse is currently at a trainer in AZ, no where near a quarantined facility
  • I did endure the '03 University of Findlay outbreak though
  • Not Yet! Staying away from all horses and all grounds. I will ride on my own place.
  • Hopefully it will continue to stay out of my state.
  • Live in Sonoma, CA Am a member of Sonoma Developmental Center Posse. They have closed their ground
  • We are keeping our horses home, our trainer is taking extreme measures going from one farm to anothe
  • Everyone is being extremely carefull. Local events have been cancelled or postponed.
  • My horse is in Los Angeles, CA, suspected case is in Ventura,CA, next county to the north
  • SE Tucson-most stables are locked down on in/out traffic unless absolutely necessary
  • and i hope it stays that way
  • forgot to ask have you traveled? Was traveling to my summer location when the news hit.
  • This is really scary. I'm grateful for the constant updated information
  • Own horse exposed Ogden show no fever no facility quarantine Colorado
  • I have had several positive horses and euthanized all of them
  • It is within 30 miles of our home--we are not going anywhere!! all shows canceled too...poor horses.
  • they are fine and out of quarantine after 18 days of twice a day temp checks
  • And I sincerely hope it just goes away!
  • shows cancelled due to EHV-1 concern
  • Death and confirmed cases 120 miles away - too close!
  • Closest confirmed cases to my farm are 70 miles away.
  • Washington State Veterinarian slow to report which cases are neurologic/fever only which counties.
  • few yrs back So Fl was affected
  • I live in New Mexico
  • one euth. and one in contained area away from other horses. Within five miles of my farm.
  • If not contained, every state will have it!
  • My vet still recommended a 30 day quarantine
  • I'm aware of it and am very cautious, even thought none have been reported here
  • we will not travel with our horses or take any other new horses into the farm untill notified that t
  • went to a show and a competitor's horse went home sick - mine are ok
  • I work at the WSU CVM caring for the infected and exposed horses but maintain a closed isolated herd
  • one horse at our barn was at a horse show with suspected cases - quarantined & tested - negative
  • So far...but monitoring closely. Live in CT
  • alot of internet & media hysteria
  • will get infected.
  • Closed barn no one leaves/admitted
  • Several hundred miles from us in West Texas
  • No cases reported in Santa Clara County, CA
  • My cutting horse was at the Ogden Show in May however she was in a different barn.
  • Vermont, am I right?
  • None in my state but vet says they have had a lot of serious inquiries from people that show.
  • we had 2 cases in the stable I board at 2 years ago - only one horse survived.
  • None in El Dorado County, CA so far!
  • not panicking. just being cautious where I take horses & temping regularly
  • The next farm over had a confimed case several years ago but my horses were uneffected
  • we've already had confirmed cases of W. Nile in Georgia, but thankfully nothing else (yet)
  • My horse is isolated, so I am not too worried as long as the farrier didn't bring it with him.
  • Quaratine in Ardmore, OK, 3.5 hours away
  • Were in tx so remaining vigilant as it is in neighboring states
  • IOWA - (how come you are not reporting? - State Vet said they are confirmed and tied to Utah)
  • 2006 EHM -NC
  • As a farrier this has greatly changed the way I do business
  • I personally know several people whose animals competed at Ogden and unknowingly exposed others
  • KS NOT CASES- but they have cancelled a bunch of shows/trail rides
  • Everyone should be careful because of the way horses travel from state to state-even trail riders
  • I live in Montana and so far there are no confirmed cases reported
  • No suspected or confirmed cases in Kentucky yet.

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