Poll: Majority of Readers Have Not Used PRP Therapy

More than 300 readers of TheHorse.com responded to a poll asking, "For which of the following injuries has your horse been treated with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy?"

results of poll on platelet-rich plasma

Results were as follows:

  • I have had no experience with PRP: 74.84%
  • Tendon/ligament Injury: 15.92%
  • Wounds: 6.37%
  • Joint pain: 2.87%

Readers shared experiences with PRP in the comments below.

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  • gelding with bowed tendon two injections with PRP, totally healed within three months
  • Coffin bone infection - post-surgery to help with clotting.
  • With max restraint possible under quite a few professionals, my horse still hated this procedure.
  • Saved my horse's life after a 90% hind DDFT rupture!
  • I use homeopathic and holistic medicine to treat my horses. It works better and is much less expensi
  • worked great! Time is a great healer too.
  • eye injury
  • Both low-low bow on DDFT and Joint pain. Excellent resuts
  • ...but would defintiely give it a try if necessary &/or available
  • combined it with shock wave therapy for bowed tendon, worked great
  • My horse was sedated to the max without putting him under, had a lip & shoulder twitch, stud chain,
  • great results
  • Dancer tore her near side tendon front leg. I considered it, but have opted for Acuscope treatment
  • my horse got a bacterial infection in his eye
  • ouchy !
  • treated for proximal suspensary desmitis
  • no experience, no need
  • R & L hind suspensory, so far very good results on my 20 year old trail gelding
  • Suspensory with 100% healing
  • too much money
  • No experience with PRP.
  • eye injury
  • I had a mare treated with this 5 years ago when it was not a well known therapy. It worked
  • followed up by stem cell ,unbelivable result so far
  • high suspensory tear, COMPLETE and do mean complete recovery!
  • retired broodmare
  • LG QTR crk coronet, not healin, applied PRP... let the healing begin!!!!! awesome!
  • Worked great and was not as expensive as I thought it would be. Vet did stall side.
  • Excellent! Combine it with versatron shockwave for the best results ever!!!

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