Poll: Readers Want to Know More about Shock Wave Therapy

More than 140 readers of TheHorse.com responded to a poll asking, "What items are you aware of when it comes to treating horses with focused, shock wave technology?"

results of poll on shock wave therapy

Results were as follows:

  • None: 58.39% (87)
  • Effective for acute wounds and chronic orthopedic conditions: 33.56% (50)
  • Sound waves are delivered to customized depths (up to 110 mm): 28.19% (42)
  • Focused shock wave is covered by most insurance companies: 14.09% (21)
  • Success rates close to 90% in backs: 13.42% (20)

(Multiple selections allowed)

Readers shared their thoughts on shock wave therapy in the comments below.

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  • I know nothing and would like to learn more
  • Not that familiar with this technology.
  • I have never heared of shockwave therapy
  • Not aware of any of this
  • Its really expensive
  • I know it's expensive!
  • It is not a magic bullet and will not work on Navicular Syndrom symtoms longterm.
  • in my experience, it has worked well almost every time it has been a recommended treatment
  • Enough of the shock wave therapy discussion
  • Went from dead lame to sound & productive in 1 treatment!
  • very successful for our racing thoroughbreds
  • have used it for tendon and ligament injuries, but don't see how it works for bone
  • It was recommended for a "mystery lameness" without much information given.
  • As a Vet Tech, I think this is the best treatment for many incidents.
  • I know not all shock wave is created equal. ask your vet what he will be using
  • MUST be high energy focused devices to achieve results. MANY fakes out there with poor results!
  • Was not successful in treating kissing spine for one of my horses

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