Pfizer Launches New Deworming Website

Pfizer Animal Health launched a new website in relation to their Individualized Deworming (ID) program. Located at, the site offers horse owners and veterinarians a comprehensive deworming resource with guidelines, deworming reminder emails, product information, parasite education, and downloadable reference materials.

"Information has been released recently by veterinarians and pharmaceutical companies cautioning horse owners about resistance and advising them to take a new approach on how they deworm their horses," said Tom Lenz, DVM, MS, Dipl. ACT, and senior director of equine veterinary services for Pfizer Animal Health. "This can be confusing and overwhelming as horse owners have been taught for years to deworm every six to eight weeks."

Education is very important whether horse owners are evaluating a current deworming program or looking to begin a new strategy, and the website offers guidelines broken into four easy-to-follow steps. Horse owners are given the tools to know what kinds of questions to ask when they talk to their veterinarian.

Assessing horses' exposure risk to parasites and deworming accordingly is another important component to the ID program. Horse owners can sign up for reminder deworming emails on the new website. Also, through downloadable informational diagrams, charts and brochures, veterinarians and horse owners are given resources to see what factors affect a horse's exposure risk to parasites.

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