AAEP Foundation Joins GoodGiving.net

The American Association of Equine Practitioner's (AAEP) Foundation is demonstrating its commitment to using gifts effectively through a new online resource. As one of the early adopters of GoodGiving.net, the AAEP Foundation has partnered with the Kentucky-based Blue Grass Community Foundation to provide free information to help donors research and invest charitable dollars wisely.

The Blue Grass Community Foundation works with Guidestar, an internationally-recognized nonprofit watchdog organization based in Washington, D.C., that compiles nearly all the 990 forms turned into the IRS to validate information on charitable organizations. GoodGiving.net is an online resource that aims to inform, empower and enrich charitable giving. Joining GoodGiving.net lets donors and potential donors to the AAEP Foundation understand how their gifts are being used to make a difference for horses.

"We want donors to the AAEP Foundation to feel confident about the gifts they can give," said Wayne McIlwraith, BVSc, PhD, Dipl. ACVS, AAEP Foundation chairman. "This helps showcase the Foundation's mission to a very broad audience and it reinforces the fact that this Foundation is a good steward of gifts intended to help horses."

The AAEP Foundation joins with other nonprofits in this effort to demonstrate a commitment to effective use of gifts, transparency, and financial accountability. Many donors have specific causes they care about, such as education, community building and health, but might not know where they want to give. GoodGiving.net lists charitable organizations by name, program area, or geographic location.

"A lot of people have heartfelt charitable intent, but they want to know they're giving to a solid organization," said Lisa Adkins, executive director of the Blue Grass Community Foundation.

Once viewers click on the organization's name on the site, they can see yearly revenues and expenses, along with pie charts showing what percentage of the group's budget goes to its programs versus administrative costs. The site also shows the board's governance structure, the members of its board of directors, the programs it offers, and financial information for the previous three years. For those people who want even more details, the site links directly to the group's 990 tax form, which shows individual salaries and other more specific information. GoodGiving.net allows for online donations to a specific organization directly from this site.

The AAEP Foundation profile can be found at goodgiving.guidestar.org by typing in "AAEP Foundation" in the search field that asks for the organization's name.

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