USRider: Carry Two Spare Tires When Hauling Horses

For a truck and horse trailer, the side of the road with a flat tire is a dangerous place to be, especially with horses onboard. As a conscientious horse owner, you should try to minimize the time spent roadside. One way to do that, according to Bill Riss, managing member of USRider, a roadside assistance plan designed with horse owners in mind, is to carry not one, but two spare tires when trailering your animals.

Statistics show that tire failure is the most common cause of roadside disablements. Riss added, "We have seen a trend of a high incidence of disablements where replacement of two tires on the same side of a trailer was required, either due to encountering the same road hazard or the failure of one tire causing the failure of a second."

With only one spare tire available, the disablement will take much longer to remedy since a second tire will have to be located and delivered to the scene or towing will be required. A second spare could provide a simple and prompt resolution.

"Horse owners can greatly enhance their safety and the safety of their horses by carrying a second mounted spare," said Riss.

USRider recommends that only a qualified, trained mechanic change a tire. If, in an emergency, a nonqualified individual changes the tire, the vehicle should be taken to a qualified mechanic as soon as possible to ensure that the tire is properly torqued.

When purchasing a new trailer, it would be advisable to purchase a second spare mount. For existing trailers, visit a reputable trailer dealer to discuss options for mounting a second spare.

For additional equine travel safety tips, visit the Equine Travel Safety Area on the USRider website.

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