Readers Battle High Gas Prices

Exactly 590 readers of responded to a poll asking, "How have rising gas prices affected your horse activities?"

results of poll on rising gas prices

Results were as follows:

  • I've cut back on my horse-hauling trips: 52.88% (312)
  • I haven't changed anything: 29.66% (175)
  • I've started buying feed/hay in bulk to make fewer trips: 22.37% (132)
  • Horse carpooling. I'm hauling with friends now so we can share costs: 17.97% (106)
  • I'm going to the barn less often: 11.19% (66)
  • Other: 8.47% (50)

(Multiple selections allowed)

Readers shared their ideas for saving gas money in the comments below.

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  • drive less
  • Spend more time at the barn.
  • Wish I could cut corners but I've been combining trips and using coupons as it is.
  • I'm riding my bicycle to and fro the barn, cuts gas use and gets me fitter!
  • Make plans before going to town. sor you get everything in one trip instead of making a trip every t
  • I work out of my home so that cuts down on lots of expenses
  • will not travel as far this year: do more rides closer to home
  • I sold my horse, at great suffering on my part and with deep regret and sold my horse trailer.
  • sold horses
  • I love too much my horse to change my riding
  • go to closer places to trail ride
  • smaller trailer
  • we share our VW TDI (45-55MPG)
  • ONE trip a month to pick up feed, hay & shavings.
  • Two or three day outings rather than one day trips.
  • Even less likely to breed as costs further depress the equine market
  • So far we are staying the same, but if it get's to $5. a gallon ??
  • I started purchasing gas about a month ago when gas was only $2.00 Now it is 3.59
  • Ride a horse
  • I'm constantly looking for ways to cut costs everywhere!!!
  • Stay at the barn all wkend in studio apt. to feed and clean.
  • We don't travel for overnight or weekend trips anymore. We ride trails closer to our home.
  • I will not be attending as many horse show, trail rides, etc., as fuel is too expensive.
  • not attending sales, shows, etc.
  • Plan your trips
  • sale the horses and get out of the hobby til gas prices drop a bunch
  • Do as less traveling as possible.
  • We are looking at moving from producing our own hay to making silage. Also converting to methane.
  • I am able to ride out in the national forest so dont haul often
  • taking lessons via skype from home
  • use my budget money sparingly. but nothing life changing.
  • I ride my horse to the Post Office and store close by. I ride more for recreation too.
  • Carpool to horse related meetings i.e. 4H & Pony Club.
  • I can not affort to go to Dressage shows this year because the cost is just to high
  • Keep vehicles maintained and go only where I need to go.
  • still in cut back mode from the last rise in gas prices
  • I haven't changed yet. I don't show & only go to 1 or 2 yearly events that require hauling.
  • I also pick activities closer to home.
  • Don't roll the truck and trailer, saddle the horses and ride them out from the farm. More casual way
  • Horses are kept and trained at home, saves a lot of money
  • No more weekend camping and driving home for chores twice a day-day rides only
  • stretching out farrier and other providers visits because of increased fees to cover their gas.
  • Don't haul too often anyway
  • More riding from the barn rather than hauling
  • More selective about which events to photo; fewer exhibitors + higher fuel + costs to be there
  • no foxhunting or trail rides don't show anyway
  • have not hauled to my trainer's farm since Thanksgiving! No showing this season.
  • my horses are at home with me. I'm more worried about feed prices going up even more
  • Keep the horsses are home if ossible to stop the commution
  • I was pretty frugal with fuel to begin with
  • The rising prices do not affect me as I do not show and have most feed delivered to my property.
  • grain has affected us,grain has doubled,and with 5 horses,,gas prices keep us home.
  • car pooling to the barn
  • Will be looking for more local events during our summer clinic and show season.
  • We haven't really had trail riding weather, so gas prices haven't "hit home" for us yet
  • Tight budget for horse shows now....
  • Going to ropings that are closer to home and also not paying as high entry fees.
  • I expect my hauling fees to the shows to go up unfortunately.
  • Avoid driving at busy times to shorten engine running time, pool our errands.
  • If it requires gas, we do less of it. Employ fuel-efficient vehicles, trailers & driving habits.
  • horse carpooling, going to mult day rides that are closer to home base
  • Won't be attending all events
  • Riding my horse to the store to save on gas!
  • Trail ride close to home, no long trips.
  • I use my pony and cart for local trips like the library
  • I've cut back on personal spending a little but not horse hauling as of yet.
  • Not driving unless I absolutely have to.
  • I drive "softer" on the high way to maximize fuel economy. I also try to combine trips.
  • buy feed bulk only use truck in emergency ride the horses to where I want to take them .
  • Just bought new trailer/truck, just stick to close local events.
  • probably will get together as a group to go day riding in the Nat Forrest
  • Haven't changed anything--yet
  • selling my truck and horses!
  • all horse activities done on the farm
  • i share the costs of trailering I pay in bulk less trips to the feed mill
  • I'm combining my barn trips with other errands, which I never did before..
  • Just can't go as far & have to make trips count
  • feed more hay/grass less grain & don't spend as much, only what I /horse really need.
  • My horse is at home, so my driving is minimal
  • Will cut back on shows this summer if it stays high or gets higher.
  • No spur of the moment trips to the store
  • Since travel is expensive, I have more time to ride at home! :-)
  • May need to move to a closer, cheaper place that's not as nice as where I am now.
  • doing speed limits or less and servicing truck for bedy mileage performance
  • Can't save much driving a 1 ton diesel no matter where you go. Share gas cost by hauling together.
  • Have a diesel rig so have all but stopped showing, can't afford to travel to the shows
  • Buy in bulk & stop at other needed stores on the same route. Stock up on dog/cat food also
  • not going to haul much this summer ride around house in mountains
  • Too early in the year to say for sure how it will affect ... Just hope it won't get any higher
  • pretty much non existent
  • I've stopped hauling for free. Have to charge friends to share the cost.
  • We planned our little operation to be economical from the beginning.
  • All 3 of our vehicles will pull a trailer - going to get rid of 1 and get something gas economical.
  • It's all a scam and we pay the price. Since when has their been peace in the middle east.
  • I run a rescue, and the cost of fuel is hurting BADLY !!!
  • Less horse shows, less feed store trips, and more trail riding
  • Drive more slowly and brake less often.Make each car/lorry trip multi purpose. Route plan with care.
  • we're not competing as much and didn't purchase new horse as transport cost more than the horse
  • Horse-pooling is the way to go. More fun than going alone, anyways!
  • Going to start driving the horse to the store for shopping to save gas

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