Poll: Majority of Readers Welcome New Year with Dewormer

Exactly 775 readers of TheHorse.com responded to a poll asking, "When do you administer dewormer for the first time in a new year?"

results of poll on ulcers

Results were as follows:

  • Jan. 1 to Feb. 28: 50.97% (395)
  • Mar. 1 to Apr. 30: 36.39% (282)
  • May 1 to June 30: 5.81% (45)
  • I use a daily dewormer product: 4.39% (34)
  • I don't deworm my horse(s): 2.06% (16)
  • Nov. 1 to Dec. 31: 0.39% (3)
  • July 1 to Aug. 31: 0.00% (0)
  • Sept. 1 to Oct. 31: 0.00% (0)

Readers shared their deworming plans in the comments below.

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  • Parasite-free property (for years). Have fecal checks done biannually.
  • I live at 5600 ft high and it's cold.
  • My deworming schedule is timed with my farrier's visits, every 6 weeks
  • with a product best suited to killing encysted larvae
  • We have always wormed 4 x's year, we are changing to 2 x's/year. We clip our pastures, use rotation.
  • Fecal egg counts indicate when to deworm (winter deworming is for bot larvae and tapes)
  • When the ground is no longer frozen and the days are warm enough to support parasite survival.
  • just before the green grass grows for grazing
  • This is not a meaningful question -- Age sets the scedule for young horses, foaling/breeding for mar
  • people think parasites die in the winter, they do not, so I make sure they are cleaned for spring
  • I do a Powerpak in January
  • get fecal first to make sure they have worms
  • bots
  • this year we started fecal egg count, and deworm according to our horse's needs.
  • we do fecals every 8 weeks and deworm as needed. surprised you dont list this as an option here
  • I also use garlic and apple cider vinegar daily in his grain
  • i dont have a horse but want to get one!
  • 4 x's a year, spring, july, first frost, and then the end of december
  • Tapecare Plus (Pyrantel Pamoate)
  • I use a paste dewormer twice per year in adition.
  • January is Safeguard for me.
  • equest pramox
  • moxidectin in March
  • Use CW wormer & paste worm once after 1st hard freeze. Should I consider not using daily wormer?
  • live in moderate southern climate with limited space, no rotation of pasture available
  • Use daily wormer plus a dose of Equimax in March & September. Texas
  • We live in FL, our winter is warm, so we start early
  • I deworm only when fecal egg counts indicate for each individual.
  • I rotationally deworm my horse six times a year, every even month..
  • I also do a purge with ievermectin in March or April in addition to the daily dewormer.
  • our horses are wormed at 12 week intervals, with a rotation of products. Parasite count done in Apr
  • I use Quest or Panacure in Feb. for incested larvae.
  • I deworm when a fecal egg count shows it needs to be done
  • I worm quarterly.
  • fecal tests determine timing
  • I only deworm after I get a positive fecal check. I check every 4 mo.
  • I do fecile tests to determine who needs deworming first, sometimes I only de-worm 1x a yr
  • Diaotamaous Earth, helps with worms and fly population, we check fecal for worms 2 times a year
  • I do FECs on them in March and confer w/my vet
  • Valentine's, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Tgiving for tapeworm
  • Timing will depend on your location, I am in Northern Ontario Canada - this is when the snow goes.
  • Ivermectin
  • I deworm every other month starting with Jan. 1st except for my minis, who are given a daily wormer
  • I check the feces for eggs to determine when to deworm.
  • I use diatomaceous earth and do fecal egg counts
  • You don't have a "none of the above" I worm when they need it not by the calander
  • Follow the schedule set by my vet.
  • Do fecal checks, don't need to deworm.
  • I deworm every 2-3 months.
  • worm for Tapeworms in spring then do worm counts twice in summer
  • Daily dewormer nips the baby bugs in the bud. No worm load for my guy.
  • we should all be doing fecals, I believe
  • panacur powerpak
  • It's not based on the calendar; depends on when it was last done, and FEC if done.
  • also ourge twice a year, April and Oct
  • Every six weeks year round. It's the Vet's suggestion for our mild climate.
  • daily dewormer and a paste by the end of April (we are the only one at the barn on a daily)
  • Don't - Neg fecal counts. Will worm when needed , low stress, good health, Equinezyme
  • After fecal parasite testing, I have gone to deworming twice a year rather than 6 times a year.
  • I have a regular schedule set by my vet. I am deworming every other month.
  • diatomaceous earth
  • i dont .i pick up dung daily.and do worm counts twice a year,havent used a wormer for 16 years.
  • 6 weeks after the last previous deworming unless circumstances require it more often
  • My horses ar wormed every 6 to 8 weeks
  • when the faecal egg count is indicating treatment (above epg 200)
  • May, since we live in northern MN.
  • I deworm with a paste 2x a year. I feed a daily supplement that contains diatomaceous earth in it .
  • Our veterinarians are recommeding we get a fecal worm count first
  • I have a fecal done if no worms I don't deworm
  • I use natural dewormers (herbal, garlic, etc)
  • I don't deworm unless the fecal check comes back positive and then I deworm for what my horses have.
  • We use Strongid C and Ivermectin 2 to 3 times per year
  • ivermecton, after heavy frost for bots
  • Worms, like mosquitoes, are year round in SoCal.
  • everytime the ferrier comes
  • We deworm based on fecal analyses.
  • I rotate wormers once every two months
  • fecal samples twice per year & worm accordingly
  • I use Strongid-C, but still deworm with paste during April and October.
  • Every 60 days
  • when Farrier comes
  • On my vet's recommendation for this area, the first D/W is Ivermectin, at thebeginning of February.
  • Dewormed every 6 weeks all year
  • Twice yearly plus daily feed through
  • we worm year round
  • every 4 months
  • Ivermectin q3months + Strongid every February
  • In the hot humid climate, we must worm year round.
  • based on FEC's
  • Use daily wormer, paste 2x a year and fecals once a year.
  • I live in a fairly cold region but HUGE believer in regular rotational worming
  • Do targeted deworming with fecal egg counts and vet recommended schedule based on results.
  • every 2 months rotating between 4 different products
  • Panacur .... New Years Day
  • vet is now saying we should worm less and just check stool and treat as needed. thinking of changin
  • 6 weeks from last deworming...no matter what the date
  • Usually end of Feb, before spring thaw.
  • I shoe every 8 weeks and that's the day I worm all 8 horses since they're already caught.
  • Power-Dose
  • I warm about 4 times a year
  • started doing fecal egg counts last year so won't deworm too often

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