Readers Stay in Shape to Ride

More than 680 readers of responded to a poll asking, "Do you take extra steps to keep in shape for riding your horse?"

results of poll on rider fitness

Results were as follows:

  • No, riding and barn chores keep me in shape: 35.08% (241)
  • Yes, through a separate workout regimen: 32.90% (226)
  • Yes, through diet and healthy eating: 19.51% (134)
  • No, I don't have time for additional steps: 12.52% (86)

Readers shared their workout regimen in the comments below.

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  • I'm a barrel racer and be fit & strong especially my core to ride my horse
  • I do stretches and try to work on flexability... I don't have so much as I get older.
  • If i don't eat healthy i gain weight fast!
  • Besides taking care of my small horse farm I am also a runner & a full time mom!
  • I usually go to the gym in the winter to help stay in shape
  • I have a specific workout plan developed for me for the 1999 European Championships.
  • I take a spinning class, which focuses on balance, endurance and strength.
  • I'm in no shape to ride right now. I quit riding when my Belgian mare developed ring bone.
  • I stretch out every day to stay limber. I do extra stretches so I can easily mount and dismount.
  • We get back into shape together.
  • Especially, in winter, walking, stretching and swimming plus a strict diet.
  • Curves Zumba!! Great FUN!
  • I also keep in shape working around the farm
  • Along with a separate workout, I include diet and healthy eating.
  • Curves 3xwk , hiking and keeping weight down with good diet
  • especially in the Spring here in CNY as I quickly get out of shape before we move to the indoor
  • Due to my horses health issues, the lighter me and the tack are, the better for him.
  • I found that I got quiet out of shape and am now working on it.
  • yoga to strengthen core & help balance
  • Yoga is great for riding-improved balance and strengthens core
  • I've been jumping rope in the barn aisle this winter when I can't ride.
  • Just turned 60, refocusing on own health, walk horse 1 mile before mounting & after ride
  • yoga, walking, and good diet
  • No. But I should. I always know that a day after I ride because I'm so sore.
  • Also I watch my diet.
  • I stretch and limber before climbing on & ride without stirrups to strengthen my legs
  • Eat Right, Walk Fast, Yoga, and 11 horses to care for daily. Drink lots of water
  • Diet & healthy eating go along with physical exercise.
  • made a huge difference by strenghtening my core.
  • landscaping and eatting what I want ,&riding& chores dp it for me.
  • also do healthy earting
  • I have never never over 100 lbs, and i have literally been riding since the day i was born.
  • Yoga classes have been very beneficial.
  • I try. It's seasonal =s
  • Don't ride in winter so do stretching exercises along with barn choresh
  • I really should add exercise to my riding life
  • Workout and watch my diet. I don't want to look like those fat reiners that are an embarrassment ...
  • With 29 horses to care for, I don't need extra steps to keep in shape!
  • As a full time professional farrier I stay in shape with work.
  • I work for a living so extra exercize isn't on the schedule
  • Barn and farm chores also keep me strong and fit for riding.
  • I do strengthening esp core muscles and aerobic as well as barn chores
  • Ive always been thin & never worked out but now at middle age I have to fight stiffness & soreness
  • biking makes legs stronger
  • I count on farm chores to keep me in shape, but some stretching would help
  • i am taining for the ironman.
  • Pleasure riding is the only sport I have time for these days!
  • I wish I did, but no.
  • I lost 35 pounds after getting back into riding at age 44.
  • We just bought an elliptical machine, I eat healthy, walk, ride & shovel manure constantly
  • Besides Riding and Barn chores, i ride my bike, hike & do plenty of yardwork! i keep a good diet
  • Got to love my elliptical machine! Helps keep my legs toned during the winter.
  • walking the dogs & yoga
  • Lots of walking/lifting involved with feeding our horses
  • Yoga Pilates and a swift walk all help
  • once a week fitness training with weights to help keep my core strong
  • I also stretch and walk often
  • At 73, keeping up the "place", riding. lessons, & grooming 3 horses is enough.
  • I write down what I eat. my goal is 2 meats or equivalents 8 veg n fruits
  • Healthy diet is a major part as well as riding and barn chores
  • Specific fitness for riders and through healthy eating
  • Anyone serious about riding owes it to their horse to get fit.
  • also try to get to gym or pool on days I don't ride
  • I work out 3x a week in addition to riding 5 days a week and chores. I do cardio, weights, yoga.
  • I bicycle indoors in the winter and outdoors in the good weather to keep in shape for riding.
  • flexibility exercises for old person w/tall mule
  • workout at gym every day
  • zumba 3X week, yoga 3Xweek
  • 62 years old.
  • diet, healthy eating, and separate workout.
  • Working all day at the barn, and riding keep me in good shape.
  • I workout more than I ride. :-(
  • I run 20 miles per week in addition to barn chores - helps maintain ideal body weight.
  • I don't have a lot of extra time to exercise between working and riding, so I eat healthy!
  • Stretches plus sit-ups

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