Readers Resolve to do Better in 2011

More than 330 readers of responded to a poll asking, "Did you fulfill for your horsey resolution for 2010?"

results of poll on new year�s resolutions

Results were as follows:

  • It's an ongoing resolution: 40.95% (138)
  • Yes: 29.97% (101)
  • No: 29.08% (98)

Readers shared their resolutions with their horses in the comments below.

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  • My goal each year is to trail ride somewhere new, and I've been doing so.
  • I passed my Parelli Level 2 on-line tasks, now I want to pass my Level 2 riding tasks.
  • My horse recovered from a 90% tear of a Hind DDFT! Miraculous!
  • Buy a safe, sound, horse. Not easy to find. 90% are unsound.
  • Had hoped to take two stallions to a major show, but injured my back and had to cancel :(
  • still no tme to ride more often!
  • manage my pasture grazing better
  • 2'9" circuit championship for baby greenie!
  • To ride More!!!!
  • i said i wouldnt break my arm again...but i did. It is NEVER happening AGAIN!!!
  • I bought a horse!
  • Our resolution was to create and build suitable paddock/stable, and bring our horses home from board
  • Be the best horsey mom I can be
  • I started him when he turned two and now at almost three, he is a pleasure to ride.
  • ongoing....I want to ride/spend more time training them
  • New Barn
  • To become more involved in other aspects of the horse world than just riding and training.
  • I resolved to compete my rescue horse, and my year as a working student allowed that to happen!
  • Ride more, shovel less!
  • To learn to better communicate with my horses.
  • Educate people on the horrors of horse slaughter and the BLM mismanagement of our American mustangs.
  • It is so hard to keep up with the place and find time to ride regulary but I'm trying
  • I convinced owners to retire 9-year old gelding racehorse to life of relaxation & treats. Yay!
  • To ride more often
  • Rescued 3 more horses this year with very limited money all got great new homes
  • proper weight and hoof care
  • My goal was to raise a foal. I spent the rest of the year caring for my mare's c-section site.
  • rescued a horse from slaughter!!
  • Lack of time and money in this economy. Had to work extra hard to afford the horses.
  • 2010 not as planned. Starting 2011 w/ Centered Riding & Dressage lessons @ age 57 with my MFT. .
  • To start my four year old gelding under saddle.
  • I wanted to ride my horse at Second Level Dressage
  • Ride more often!
  • Instead of downsizing, we rescued three more....
  • to achieve 10,000 km with my current endurance horse.
  • Not yet, so I will continue to buy my Mega Millions tickets through December 31st... and into 2011!
  • Record--breaking temps in AZ last summer, got out of riding habit!
  • I did not start or complete a 100 mile endurance ride
  • Devoted my year to studying Parelli but only achieved part of my three-part goal; still Level 3
  • did not ride enough
  • I was the first British person to ride in our local fiesta in Menorca on my stallion Volcan
  • Did not have one for 2010, but do for 2011!
  • Some I accomplished and some I didn't
  • I changed jobs and thought I'd have more time, but I still don't!
  • I only rode twice this year :(
  • To get my mar ein optimum condition for breeding next spring
  • currently riding my 2 year old!
  • I selected 'on going' as I need to continue working on my OTTBs canter and transitios.
  • My aim was to relocate my horse to a better stable with a good trainer.
  • At the age of 63 I competed in cutting for the first time!
  • Never enough time to make them come true!
  • to show an ex-roper QH gelding in dressage successfully
  • I have learned how to jump my 6 year old thoroughbred.
  • My resolution was to ride all summer but ended up with grandkids for 3 months. Rain time now.....
  • Get my homebound horse out on a trail ride.
  • I improved my placing in shows on my trainer's horse; this year I will show my own mare.
  • weather interferred with riding
  • I set my goal to ride 2000 miles and visit many historical sites. I rode 2530 miles I got to ride th
  • Get them out on the trails more.
  • I purchased the TW that I have been needing due to a bad back. He is great!!!!!!
  • rode more than last year!
  • horse came up lame day of huge futurity
  • My annual resolution (horsey or otherwise) is NOT TO SUFFER FOOLS GLADLY. Idiot avoidance - works!
  • to become a better rider
  • I continue to improve the partnership w/my horse & communication. Had a breakthru for me.
  • Lost 135 lbs so far
  • planned to hit the big trails once a month...didn't happen
  • Get my mares in foal. Yippee, success.
  • To improve my team penning/sorting from prev year. Ended year winning more $ than previous year.
  • After 2 total knee replacements, I am now happily back in the saddle again!!!
  • Wanted to do more with our 4 and 5 year olds
  • Finally purchased a Tennessee Walker
  • AQHA Trail riding hours not met.
  • Wanting to win a World Championship before my horse retires.
  • to complete in my first event!
  • We lost our 3 year old colt this summer because of laminitis. We did not get to finish our new year
  • RIDE MORE !!
  • No. Was to save up so fall hay cost would be easier. Vet bill happened instead. =(
  • Wasn't able to show and travel as much as I like due to the poor economy...but 2011 will be much bet
  • I was overly ambitious!
  • My Gelding has to be bomb proof seriously!
  • I bought my own place and no longer have to board my horses
  • to ride more, start sooner in the spring
  • continue my education to become a better horseman :-) and have a better partnership with my horse

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