Horse Aid Live and Equine Health & Welfare Alliance Form Partnership

Horse Aid Live (HAL) and Equine Health and Welfare Alliance (EHWA) have formed a partnership to offer more resources for aiding the unwanted, homeless, and at-risk horse populations.

"By working together, HAL and EHWA can have a much greater impact on unwanted and at-risk horses," stated Cyndi Greathouse, HAL executive director. "EHWA and its network of veterinarians and other like-minded organizations will help ensure HAL funding is granted to creditable organizations."

Frank Dwayne Marcum, DVM, president of EHWA, said, "EHWA and HAL want to encourage more organizations and corporations to partner with us. Regardless of whether you are a charitable organization, agency, or a for-profit business, we believe that for a sustained long-term solution [to the unwanted horse problem], we must all work as a united front.

"Both EHWA and HAL want to help by working in a positive, productive manner with all breeds and disciplines to create resource channels so owners, breeders, and advocates have access to information and help before they and/or their horses get to a crisis situation," he added.

HAL is a newly formed nonprofit charitable fundraising organization that provides horse enthusiasts, horse industries, and supporters of equines of all breeds a way to give to one entity which then distributes annual grants to nonprofit organizations that support and provide humane treatment, shelter, and care for horses. According to Greathouse, HAL plans to present its first annual grant in the fall of 2011.

She noted that the partnership with the veterinarians involved in EHWA will allow HAL extra assurance that their funds are going to established and credible rescue and welfare organizations.

EHWA was founded by a group of veterinarians with a mission of researching and developing mechanisms that protect, promote, and preserve a healthy life of dignity for the horse. For example, EHWA initiated legislation in Kentucky that created the first state-appointed council to specifically address basic equine needs. The Equine Health and Welfare Alliance Inc. is awaiting its 501(c)3 designation.

According to EHWA's website, its goals include "reviewing current equine health and welfare standards and legislation to identify needed improvements, solutions, changes, or action; providing a certified standard of care for rescue and retirement operations; and assisting local veterinarians in indentifying and enforcing critical areas of need."

The organizations will remain separate entities.

For more information on the Equine Health and Welfare Alliance and how to get involved, please visit, and for more information on Horse Aid Live, visit

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