American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) 2010 Convention Preview

From seahorses at the National Aquarium to racehorses at Pimlico, there’s plenty to do around Baltimore beyond the convention's walls. Visit for more information about this year's host city.

When the 56th Annual Convention of the American Association of Equine Practitioners drops anchor in Baltimore, Md., Dec. 4-8, a sea of learning opportunities awaits the equine veterinarians, veterinary students, and technicians expected to attend. Featured in-depth lectures will cover reproduction, diagnostic imaging, and equine welfare, among countless other topics. Write-ups of the convention's top sessions will be presented in The Horse's AAEP Wrap-Up, which will be published with our March 2011 issue.

ADM Alliance Nutrition, Booth 1606

ADM Alliance Nutrition says, "We feed horses the way they are meant to eat." The company says its ultra-premium blended fat and fiber-based GLO for Life line of feeds, with MoorMan's GROSTRONG Minerals, features the highest-quality ingredients to provide a balanced nutritional formula for better health and performance.

GLO for Life products are formulated free of corn starch, grain products, and unnecessary fillers. According to the company, research shows too much starch might contribute to a host of ailments, including colic and laminitis.

Alliance Nutrition says its GLO for Life products offer consistent formulas and utilize stabilized rice bran, a nutrient-rich, highly digestible fat and fiber source; Omega Flax ground flaxseed for omega-3 essential fatty acids; natural-source vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant; and Prosponse, their unique brewer's dried yeast formula for a rich source of B- complex vitamins.

According to Alliance Nutrition, "GLO for Life is so nutrient-rich, less is needed to achieve optimal results." For a dealer near you, visit or call 800/680-8254.

Arthrex Vet Systems, Booths 2408/2409

Arthrex Vet Systems says it is a leader in biologic and arthroscopic solutions. The company designed the Arthrex IRAP II system to provide an easy-to-use, effective, and affordable solution for treating mild to moderate osteoarthritis (OA). According to Arthrex, its ACP Double Syringe System provides an easy-to-use platelet-rich plasma treatment for managing soft tissue injuries in a matter of minutes. The company says its new arthroscopy line provides a cost-effective and quality imaging system, which includes imaging software that allows for easy image or video capture to your laptop. "Options for treating chondral defects are made easier when using the Arthrex OATS kits, chondral darts, and the bioabsorbable TRIMIT pins," notes Arthrex.

Products include:

  • Arthrex IRAP II
  • ACP Double Syringe System
  • Arthroscopic Instrumentation & Imaging
  • Continuous Wave III Fluid Pump
  • Adapteur Shaver System
  • OPES Electrosurgical System
  • OATS
  • FiberWire Suture

Bimeda, Booths 2502/2503

Bimeda says it is committed to providing market-driven, high-quality animal health products to veterinarians. The Bimeda product line has evolved from four main sources: company research and development; reformulating and repackaging estab-lished products to add value; reintroducing popular, but often hard-to-find existing products; and registering American versions of proven international products. Bimeda notes it is an industry leader in its commitment to research. Annually, it reinvests 7% of revenue back into research and development. Bimeda markets its products in 70 countries worldwide.

On display at the Bimeda exhibit: Equimax (ivermectin 1.87%/praziquantel 14.03%), Equell (1.87% ivermectin) Paste, Bimectin (ivermectin) Paste 1.87%, Butatron (phenylbutazone) Tablets, Dexium (dexamethasone 2 mg/mL), Exodus and Exodus Multi-Dose (pyrantel pamoate), Flunazine (flunixin meglumine 50 mg/mL) Injectable Solution, and FuraSeptin (nitrofurazone soluble dressing) along with other equine-specific products.

For more information, visit, call 888/524-6332, or e-mail

Bioniche Animal Health USA Inc., Booths 2321/2421

Bioniche Animal Health USA Inc. is relaunching Derma GeL to promote wound healing in dogs, cats, and horses. The company says that Derma GeL, an isotonic hydrogel made of botanical source high molecular weight polymers, has been long used in the equine market and promotes faster healing by creating a moist environment on wounds.

Hydrogels rehydrate the wound bed and soften necrotic tissue. Bioniche says when Derma GeL is applied, it provides an external protective layer of film over the wounded area that is semi-occlusive, meaning that water and gas can still pass through while the wound is protected. This optimizes skin healing, but without the trauma of bandage removal and -replacement.

The product does not promote the formation of excessive granulation tissue often seen in horses, nor is hair discoloration seen at the scar line, Bioniche says.

For more information on Derma GeL, visit the Bioniche booth or go to

BioTracking LLC, Booth 701

Looking for a safer and easier way to check your clients' pregnant mares? BioTracking LLC says you can give your equine breeders peace of mind with one simple test. The company describes Bio-PRYNes as a noninvasive, accurate blood pregnancy test that can be a part of a successful veterinary practice and reproductive program. The Moscow, Idaho-based maker of BioPRYN and BioPRYNes developed the ELISA-based blood pregnancy tests for livestock and horses and notes that the BioTracking Laboratory can provide your clients accurate results, within days of the test administration, for pregnancy checks 70 days post-breeding and up to 14 days prior to foaling. Learn more about BioPRYNes by visiting BioTracking LLC at the company's AAEP convention booth.

Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Inc., Booth 2108

Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Inc. says it is one of the world's leading manufacturers of equine vaccines and pharmaceuticals. The company notes its commitment to the health and well-being of horses to enhance the human-animal bond is recognized by innovative pharmaceuticals such as Ventipulmin, Hyvisc, Surpass, and the Vetera and Calvenza brand of vaccines--all designed, manufactured, and marketed through veterinarians to meet the needs of the equine industry.

According to Boehringer Ingelheim, the company's research and development and educational offerings such as sponsorship of AAEP Practice Management Seminar and AAEP wet labs assist veterinarians with the important business issues of financial and time management, personal growth, and professional development.

For more information on all the Boehringer Ingelheim equine products, visit

Colorado Serum Company, Booth 1427

Colorado Serum Company, which says it's been "your trusted name in the vaccine business since 1923," is proud to announce the launch of what it calls the purest, most concentrated form of tetanus antitoxin on the market to date.

"Come by and visit us, and let us share with you our full line of large animal biologicals," the company says.

Dechra Veterinary Products, Booths 2011/2012

Dechra Veterinary Products offers a range of veterinary pharmaceuticals including irap Therapy, Osteokine PRP, and EQUIDONE Gel.

Dechra says irap Therapy is indicated in horses with inflammatory conditions such as joint lameness and allows the veterinarian to produce autologous conditionedserum (ACS), which contains beneficial anti-inflammatory and regenerative cytokines. The company notes that Osteokine PRP provides a safe and easy preparation of platelet rich plasma (PRP), which can be processed in-clinic. Recently FDA approved, Dechra says EQUIDONE Gel is labeled to prevent fescue toxicosis in periparturient mares. EQUIDONE Gel is an oral gel that can be administered 10-15 days prior to the expected foaling date and can be continued for up to five days post-foaling.

Dechra says it is committed to bringing quality pharmaceuticals to the market. Dechra recently secured the rights to Ovuplant for the United States' and Canada's equine markets, which the company says is just another example of its commitment to supplying quality products to the equine industry.

Diagnostic Imaging Systems Inc., Booths 1924/2024

Diagnostic Imaging Systems (DIS) says it continues to lead the way, set the pace, and provide answers in today's equine digital imaging revolution. DIS products, such as the ruggedized smart DR flat panel with dose variation circuitry to maintain a quality detailed image; portable CR systems with intraoral capabilities; ultra-light digital-ready portable X ray units; compact digital ultrasound for equine tendon imaging; portable shockwave; foot positioners; and skull cassette holders, use cutting-edge technology.

DIS says it designs and builds custom Versa-View imaging products and stocks a comprehensive array of imaging products, allowing you to choose the right products to meet your practice needs. With products like the new portable battery-powered digital imaging navigator with all new anatomical technique software, "you will fly through your imaging procedures."

Ask the company about its special digital imaging buy one get one free sales promotion and special convention discount pricing. Visit or contact

E.I. Medical Imaging, Booth 2606

E.I. Medical Imaging says it will continue to be a world leader of diagnostic innovation and the only U.S.-based manufacturer of portable ultrasound solutions specifically engineered for veterinary use. For the past 25 years, the company's core values have remained intact: putting the customer first and delivering solid, effective ultrasound solutions.

Engineered for detailed image quality and ultra-portability, the versatile Ibex ultrasound scanner is made for use by veterinarians specializing in equine health and physiology, large animal practices, and commercial equine breeding enterprises. Interchangeable transducers allow fast in-field flexibility for a variety of applications, the company notes, and superior image resolution delivers accurate diagnosis.

E.I. Medical Imaging designs portable ultrasound solutions for today's veterinary professionals. For more information about Ibex scanners contact 866/365-6595, 970/669-1793,, oor visit

FOCUS-IT, Booths 1201/2302

Extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) is used for many indications in modern equine medicine, from tendon and ligament injuries to bone fractures and metaplasia. FOCUS-IT says it is your shock wave therapy specialist for innovative technologies, featuring the newest Storz medical unit, the MP100 ELITE, a lightweight unit with a built-in compressor that goes up to 4 bar. The MP50 and DUOLITH units also are featured. According to the company, the DUOLITH is the only combination shock wave therapy system, containing both focus and radial treatment hand pieces.

All of the company's units are portable and user-friendly and equipped with hand pieces guaranteed for 1 million shocks, which FOCUS-IT says will enable your profits to be higher than with other units on the market.

Reserve your unit now to lock into the AAEP specials. Or stop by the booths for demonstrations and show discounts on all units. Visit, e-mail, or call 800/270-1141.

Franklin-Williams Company, Booth 2433

Franklin-Williams says it has been a pioneer in the development of bandage products designed specifically for equine use. The company's products are available as individual ready-to-use sterile (SteriRoll) and nonsterile (RediRoll) bandages, securely packaged to maintain integrity and provide a professional-looking product for dispensing to the client.

The material also is available as nonsterile bulk rolls (CombiRoll) in 10-yard lengths. SteriRoll and RediRoll are available in various lengths. The products are provided in widths of 8, 12, 14, and 16 inches.

The EquiWrap Trauma Kit offered by the company was developed in consultation with equine practitioners for use by horse owners for emergency treatment of cuts and abrasions on the leg until a wound care plan can be created by a -veterinarian.

Manufacture and distribution of these products is the company's only business. It has been in operation 17 years. For more information call 800/556-5517 or visit

GLC Direct, Booth 2703

GLC Direct is proud to announce the official launch of Actistatin Equine, which the company says is a revolutionary leap forward in oral joint care. According to GLC Direct, this dual-patented formula combines both GLC 5500 and a powerful glycoprotein facilitator that optimizes the horse's digestive environment and has been clinically evaluated to improve four levels of equine joint care. A six-month randomized multi-center placebo controlled trial on 75 horses conducted by Melonie Montgomery, PhD, of Fenestra Research Labs showed improvement in AAEP lameness scores, stabilized ORP, and biochemical safety as well as significant increases in the delivery of glucosamine and chondroitin to the bloodstream. The most dramatic finding for this groundbreaking study, says the company, was the first documented improvement in both hyaluronan count and viscosity with the use of an oral chondroprotective. Please stop by booth 2703 to found out how Actistatin can change the way you recommend oral joint supplements.

HAYGAIN Hay Steamers, Booth 2444

Allergens from dust and mold spores found in hay lead to airway inflammation, bronchoconstriction, and mucus accumulation, and they can induce inflammatory airway disease and recurrent airway obstruction.

HAYGAIN says it's the revolutionary steaming system that transforms hay into dust-free forage, giving horses a healthier -respiratory system and maximizing their performance. By steaming hay to temperatures in excess of 212ËšF, HAYGAIN kills harmful fungal spores, mites, and other organisms, conditioning the bale while maintaining the hay's nutritional value.

According to the company, testing at The Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester, England, led by Meriel Moore-Colyer, BSc, PhD, a leading researcher in equine nutrition, consistently proved that the HAYGAIN hay steamer kills harmful spores found in hay. The number of colonies of spores grown from 1 gram of untreated, good-quality dry hay on a microbial media was 7.775 million. HAYGAIN reduced it to essentially zero, P<0.008 to be exact.

HAYGAIN says, "For clean, healthy hay ... choose HAYGAIN!"

For more information visit or call 800/525-4339.

Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health, Booth 1711

Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health says, "We're for the horse and the veterinarian." The company's equine team says they are devoted to providing innovative products that exceed veterinarians' expectations. The company's comprehensive equine health portfolio provides veterinarians with safe and effective vaccines and pharmaceutical products such as Prestige, Encevac, Flu Avert I.N., EquiRab, Prodigy, Regu-Mate, Panacur, Salix, Banamine, and Dolorex.

The company says its innovative programs such as Foal Care and Get Rotation Right Strategic Deworming help support the veterinarian-client relationship, and Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health also has a no-cost bio-surveillance program to help veterinarians detect impor-tant equine infectious respiratory pathogens and deliver quick and accurate diagnoses and treatment plans.

Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health supports the Unwanted Horse Veterinary Relief Campaign, which it established with AAEP in 2008, and has donated vaccines for 6,000 unwanted horses.

To learn more about Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health's products and programs, visit,, or

Kentucky Performance Products LLC, Booths 2613/2614

Affordability, effectiveness, and research-based formulation are what developing quality nutritional supplements are all about. "Veterinarians choose to use our supplements because they know they can rely upon their effectiveness," says Delia Nash, vice president of Kentucky Performance Products (KPP).

According to KPP, each product is made using high-quality ingredients, and the formulations are based on sound research. The other part of KPP's winning equation is customer service. Kentucky Performance Products supplements are readily available through all the major veterinary distributors, and KPP's nutritional advisers are ready to answer any questions that veterinarians or their clients may have.

According to the company, in the past year some very interesting research has been conducted with Elevate W.S., KPP's natural water-soluble vitamin E. KPP is excited about sharing this information with the AAEP veterinarians. "We look forward to seeing you at our booth," says Nash. For more information about KPP's supplements visit or call 800/772-1988.

Life Data Labs Inc., Booth 2323

Life Data Labs, a 30-year-old family business, says it manufactures premium animal nutrition and health products based on scientific research. Life Data Labs also says it is well known for formulating and manufacturing Farrier's Formula, the original hoof supplement.

Frank Gravlee, DVM, MS, CNS, the developer of Farrier's Formula, has recently introduced three new products:

He says Farrier's Formula Double Strength provides nutrients important for a healthy hoof at twice the concentration of original Farrier's Formula. Equally effective as the original, Double Strength has the benefit of being more economical to feed, he notes.

Barn Bag Pleasure and Performance Horse feed concentrate is designed to balance hay and pasture diets. Life Data Labs says nutrients are supplied in the correct amounts by the Barn Bag without oversupplementation, allowing the caretaker to take control of the feeding program by separating the calorie requirements from other nutrient requirements.

Breeder's Formula is a concentrated nutrient source formulated to promote healthy skin, relieve itching, and reduce anxious behavior in dogs.

LLOYD Inc., Booths 1729/1829

LLOYD Inc., which says it's been in the business of manufacturing quality pharmaceuticals and nutritionals supporting better equine health and medicine for more than 50 years, is pleased to offer a very special gift to 2010 AAEP attendees. Stop by booth 1729/1829 to receive your free Carry Bag including a Target IR Starter Kit for horse owners, the Practitioner's Guide to Insulin Resistance & Laminitis (CD), and a Free LLOYD selection of your choice, from their complete family of equine products including Bio-Meth, CartiForm HS, Equ-Aid Plus, Equi-Lin, Equ-SeE, Hydra-Lyte, and Osteo-Form. Also included in the Target IR Starter Kit is a 1-pound jar of Target IR, optimized nutritional supplement for insulin resistant and grass-fed horses; one horse/pony weight tape; an "Understanding Your Horse's Body Condition Score" pamphlet; and one coupon for a free 1-pound jar of Thyro-L, powdered levothyroxine sodium, with your prescription.

LLOYD Inc., Shenandoah, Iowa.

Merial, Booth 1717

Merial describes itself as a world-leading, innovation-driven animal health company that provides a comprehensive range of products to enhance the health, well-being, and performance of animals. Passionate about horses, the Merial team says it is dedicated to providing owners with trusted, effective products that help their horses perform at their best--whether they race, compete, work, or are purely for pleasure. And Merial says all its products are backed by a research and development team that ranks among the world's leaders in health care innovation.

As a committed partner to equine practitioners and their clients, Merial also actively supports the AAEP through sponsorship of the 2010 Annual Convention Scientific Sessions,"In-Depth: Equine Piroplasmosis" and "Drugs and Anesthesia," as well as the Farrier Program and Hospitality Reception.

Stop by Merial's booth at the AAEP Convention or visit to learn more about Merial products and educational initiatives, or call 888/MERIAL-1.

Neogen Corporation, Booths 1505/1605

Neogen Corporation's Animal Safety Division says it develops and markets a comprehensive line of animal care products, ranging from consumer-friendly instruments, nutritional supplements, and wound care grooming products available at farm/ranch retailers, to precision instruments and pharmaceuticals for veterinary use only.

Neogen's products include BotVax B vaccine, which the company says has protected thousands of horses from botulism. The company notes that many horses are at risk for botulism; are your clients' horses protected? Call Neogen for a botulism consumer brochure.

The Neogen Corporation says EqStim, an immune stimulant, provides quicker recoveries from equine respiratory disease complex and was evaluated in mares with persistent endometritis. Contact Neogen for a complimentary reprint of this clinical trial published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Ideal Instrument's disposable needles are described as the first and only needles that are designed specifically for use with animals and carry a 100% guarantee. For more information call 800/525-2022 or visit

Nutramax Laboratories Inc., Booth 1917

Nutramax Laboratories Inc. markets a premiere line of equine joint health supplements, Cosequin, which the company says is the No. 1 veterinarian-recommended brand, as well as other quality supplements. Ask the company about Proviable-EQ, a digestive aid containing Saccharomyces yeast species plus prebiotics to encourage normal gastrointestinal function and health. Also, the omega-3 fatty acid fish oil supplement Welactin Equine designed to help support overall equine wellness is now available. Visit or call 888/886-6442 for additional information and special offers.

OCD Pellets, Booth 2324

As a nutritional supplement that "feeds the bone," OCD Pellets says its product provides the fundamental building blocks for healthy bone and aids in resolving skeletal injuries and joint pain in the equine athlete. According to the company, OCD Pellets, with its revolutionary formula of amino acids and isolated micronutrients, is shown to resolve skeletal issues such as fractures, bucked shins, sesamoiditis, navicular, and bone spurs, while also resolving pain associated with arthritic conditions seen in many equine athletes.

Post-use radiographs of horses on OCD Pellets have shown resolution of osteochondrosis dissecans (OCD)--in many cases eliminating the need for surgery. OCD Pellets says it addresses the daily nutritional requirements in the development of carti-lage and bone for horses, regardless of age. The company says horses of all disciplines and levels of use will benefit from this revolutionary supplement. Visit to learn more about the only bone supplement containing proven joint supplement CORTA-FLX.

Pfizer Animal Health, Booths 1107/1207/1305

Pfizer Animal Health says it applies science and its global resources to improve health and well-being at every stage of an animal's life. The company says it strives to set the standard of quality, safety, and value in the discovery, development, and manufacturing of medicines for animals. According to Pfizer, the company invests more in research and development than any other animal health company. Broadened by the acquisition of Fort Dodge Animal Health, the Pfizer Animal Health industry- leading U.S. equine product portfolio now includes a wide range of parasiticides, sedatives/analgesics, and biologics that are backed by Pfizer's Immunization Satisfaction Guarantee (ISG). For more than 150 years, Pfizer has worked to make a difference for all who rely on them. To learn more about their commitment to animal health, go to

Platinum Performance, Booths 1713/2715

The formula that was originally developed to help speed healing in patients at Alamo Pintado Equine Medical Center has been developed into a full line of nutritional support products, including Bio-Sponge, Osteon, and Platinum Performance CJ. For 15 years, the company says it has been providing veterinarians with the nutritional formulas and research needed to support their patients. The company calls its philosophy the Platinum EDGE: Educate clients about the latest advancements in equine nutrition; Deliver products that are 100% developed and manufac-tured by Platinum Performance; Guide clients and support veterinarians in finding the right solution for each horse; and Ex-ceed expectations through proven products and commitment to service.

Visit or call 866/553-2400 to learn how Platinum Performance can support the health of the horse.

SmartPak, Booths 2329/2330

SmartPak wants you to be confident your clients' horses are getting fed the right supplements in the right amounts, every day. Each SmartPak supplement comes pre-measured in recyclable customized daily dose paks that are labeled with each horse's name. SmartPak says its supplement products mean fast, accurate feeding at every meal. SmartPak also ships automatically every month, meaning your clients' horses won't miss a dose. Running out of supplements and medications will be a thing of the past.

Armed with more than a decade's worth of experience and nutritional expertise, SmartPak also has created its own brand of supplements. The company says its SmartSupplement line includes more than 50 cutting-edge formulas designed to keep your clients' horses happy, healthy, and performing their best. According to the SmartPak, SmartSupplements offers an unbeatable value with a savings of up to 40%, ingredient for ingredient, when compared to similar products.

Visit SmartPak's booth or, call 800/461-8898, or e-mail

Spalding Labs, Booth 2423

For the past 35 years Spalding Labs has provided Fly Predators, tiny beneficial insects that can dramatically reduce pest fly populations. Fly Predators are shipped directly to clients once monthly during warm weather months. The cost ranges from less than $2 to $4 per horse per month.

Spalding Labs says its new Bye Bye Odor product can eliminate the smell and ammonia from stalls. It's a safe microbial solution that can be spritzed once a day on stalls, trailers, kennels, cat boxes, or any place that has or had urine or manure. Unlike other products that simply soak up urine for removal or try to capture the ammonia vapors, Bye Bye Odor is said to consume the organics causing the smell and the ammonia. The company notes it's a cleanup, not a cover-up, that doesn't just make stalls smell better, it also makes them healthier for your horse to be in. Both of these products can be offered to clients by veterinarians.

Visit, call 866/461-8898, or e-mail

SpectraVET, Booth 906

As its motto states, SpectraVET describes its lasers as reliable, effective, and affordable, and, at only two pounds, lightweight and portable. SpectraVET's two core product lines are the flagship SpectraVET PRO-series, and the economical SpectraVET ZEUS.

According to SpectraVET, The PRO is a flexible, functional, and effective device that is at home in both the clinic and the field. SpectraVET notes that the ZEUS is much simpler to use, yet no less effective, and it is great for both professional and home use. All probes are interchangeable, and both systems are made in the United States by SpectraVET and are covered by a three-year warranty.

SpectraVET says its knowledge of the science and application of lasers is the foundation for its products, "which is why the SpectraVET range includes both Class 3B and Class 4 laser probes, offering the best of each in terms of efficiency, efficacy, safety, and value in the field of laser therapy."

Triple Crown Nutrition, Booth 917

Looking for a feed that offers more than just another pretty bag? Triple Crown Nutrition says it's been focused on developing solutions to equine feeding challenges since 1989. According to the company, groundbreaking products like Triple Crown Senior, the first Senior feed with 10% fat; Triple Crown Lite, the first Lite diet on the market; and now Triple Crown Training Formula, the first feed with enhanced omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil and flax, are just some of the reasons Triple Crown feeds are fed by thousands of horse owners nationwide.

Known for using innovative technology as well as digestive enzymes, mannan oligosaccharides, organic minerals, and bene-ficial bacteria, Triple Crown feeds strive to consistently deliver the best nutrition available.

For more information about the Triple Crown product line, visit booth 917, call at 800/451-9916, or visit

Universal Ultrasound, Booth 1320

Universal Ultrasound says it has provided reliable solutions to more equine veterinarians than any other imaging company for more than 36 years. Universal says it stands by its customers--in the exam room, the classroom, and the stable. "By offering the best technology, service, and education, we're committed to meeting the needs of our customers and their patients," the company says.

Universal offers a complete range of ultrasound and digital radiography equipment for the equine practice. By teaming with manufacturing partners including Toshiba, Exago, Sonoscape, Fuji, Canon, Sedecal and more, the company says it can provide customers with "turnkey, customized solutions featuring the most outstanding technology in the industry."

According to Universal, it offers extremely aggressive show specials and financing packages for conference attendees at the AAEP Convention. Visit the company's booth for more details, show giveaways, and more. Call 800/842-0607 or visit

Vettec Inc., Booth 1120

Vettec is pleased to introduce a new version of their popular Equi Pak product: Equi Pak Soft. Vettec says Equi Pak Soft is twice as soft as the original Equi Pak and is weight-bearing in 40 seconds. It is especially useful in wet climates on sport horses with thin soles and/or deep commissures. Vettec says Equi Pak Soft also is an excellent choice for therapeutic cases where there is a need to seal out moisture and sand, yet still provide a soft, supportive base for the bony column.

For application on sport horses, the use of a pad is highly recommended with Equi Pak Soft. For therapeutic cases Equi Pak Soft can be filled to ground level if needed. According to Vettec, Equi Pak Soft remains soft once set, even in extreme cold temperatures.

For further information please visit or call 800/483-8832.

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