Poll: Majority of Readers Vaccinate for Rabies Yearly

More than 730 readers of TheHorse.com responded to a poll asking, "How often do you vaccinate your horse for rabies?"

results of poll on rabies vaccinations

Results were as follows: 

  • Annually: 81.17% (599)
  • I don't vaccinate for rabies: 10.98% (81)
  • Every three years: 5.01% (37)
  • Other 2.85% (21)

Readers shared their rabies vaccination regimens in the comments below.

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  • annual required in NY state
  • every 2 years, according to the vaccine we use.
  • My horses get rabie shots as part of their ANNUAL vet check. Seems a smart thing to do!
  • Which should it be for safety reasons? Are all rabies vaccines good for 3 years for equines as well
  • My boys are too precious to take chances
  • Why not??
  • Too many rabid animals reported every year. Can't take the chance with my horses!
  • this is MUST have on our vaccination schedule
  • I have vaccinated for rabies annually for 2 years. In the future I will do so every 3 years.
  • My Vet has said he did not think it was necessary. I disagree with him
  • We don't have rabies in Sweden!
  • I should but I don't usually manage to get the Rabies shots.
  • We produce Equine Rabisbies ImmunoGlobulin (ERIG) and never vaccinate horses which is not used.
  • I vaccinate every other year
  • Vet uses a 3 year vaccine
  • I run titers first.
  • Don't need to, thank God, because we are in Ireland.
  • every 2 years
  • Horses winter out, lots of wild life nearby. Herd health practiced.
  • the vaccine is good for one year
  • every two years
  • Vet recomendation in our area is to not vaccinate.
  • Absolutely!!! Not worth taking the risk!
  • Better safe than sorry. They are in fields surrounded by wooded area with lots of wildlife.
  • Only if there is a single case of rabies within 75 miles
  • Too scary of a disease not to, and too easy to prevent!
  • every 6 months-live in Fla
  • check titres yearly. Vaccinate every 3 to 5 years.
  • we don't have rabies in ireland, not sure we can even buy the vaccine here
  • We don't have incidents of rabies in Northern Alberta
  • Every 2 years
  • Taking no chances in Florida - vaccinate annually
  • i live in arizona.
  • My reccommended every other year, so I will occaisionally skip a year.
  • If there is an outbreak, or if traveling to or in an area it is a threat. (nothing local in 40+ yrs)
  • Never hear of a case of rabies in MI for horses.
  • annually according to the protocol for horses
  • rabies isn't seen in western canada
  • Always have, always will.
  • The potential risk for Rabies is not prevelant here
  • Every Spring.
  • ALL our animals are vaccinated yearly
  • horses should be vacc. once a yr for Rabies.
  • due to large amount of wildlife and bats all animals are vaccinated here
  • Annual required at shows & rides, but think every 3 yrs should be OK
  • You'd be crazy not to vaccinate yearly!
  • every year
  • Annually until they come up with a longer-term vaccine; See AAEP 2009, article #15754 about efficacy
  • as much for my protection as theirs
  • I live in Australia!!
  • We haven't had a reported rabies case around here, but if we do I'll vaccinate
  • by my vet's instruction
  • my horse is turned out 24/7, so I feel he is more vulnerable than a horse in a stall.
  • Take no chances with Rabies!
  • To many wild animals not to vaccinate we do it ourselves and give them everything for less than $70
  • per our vet.
  • State law requires it be given annually.
  • per my vet's recommendation
  • 100% fatal disease-effective vaccine--no brainer
  • My veterinarian doesn't recommend it. I am not sure why - are complications common?
  • Every two years, unless there are frequent cases of rabid animals.
  • Why would I risk my horse or myself? No brainer!
  • Not prevelent among horses in California.
  • Annually unless titers show immunity.
  • I would vaccinate yeary if I could do it myself but the state requires a vet to administer it.
  • In the Spring before the summer.
  • Every spring (spRing - Rabies; easy to remember!)
  • vaccinated once for life
  • I do titers. Some competitive trail rides require vacc. so sometimes give even if titer is ok.
  • the cost of the shot is less painful than the loss of the horse
  • my first grade teacher lost a prize filly to rabies. that was over 30 years ago.I always vaccinate
  • It's the law!
  • To compete, we must.
  • I live in UK
  • actually every 6 months or sooner if necessary
  • Just started doing this, did not know it was an equine issue until I read it here.

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