Readers are Knowledgeable about WNV Vaccines

More than 390 readers of responded to a poll asking, "Do you know which WNV or WNV-combo vaccine your horse gets?"

results of poll on types of WNV vaccination used

Results were as follows: 

  • Yes: 66.92% (263)
  • No: 33.08% (130)

Readers shared what they use in the comments below.

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Poll sponsored by Merial.

  • Recombitek,Merial
  • Fort Dodge
  • Recombitek Equine West Nile Virus Vaccine
  • recombiktec
  • valtera
  • Prevenile
  • Previnile
  • WNV/EWT from Fort Dodge
  • Bayer
  • Prevenile
  • Prevenile
  • West Nile Inovator +EWT
  • Prevenile
  • Fort Dodge
  • I've never thought to ask. I am not brand loyal.
  • Fort Dodge
  • I trust my vet to give the best vaccine available
  • Merial Rocombitek
  • Meral
  • I use WestNile Inovator
  • I use WestNile Inovator
  • We don't have WNV in New Zealand thankfully
  • Ft Dodge W. Nile Innovator
  • It's whatever my vet gives- a combo
  • I don't touch Ft.D with a 10ft. pole. My vet knows not to give it.
  • Vetera WNV and EWTWN
  • EEW + T + WNV
  • Have no idea. Vet never tells me
  • prevenile
  • Prestige V
  • Of Course
  • Prevenile
  • Yes, my vet lets me know
  • Vetera
  • West Nile-Innovator
  • west nile innovater
  • my vet decides which vaccine to use
  • Fort Dodge Innovator
  • Fort Dodge Combo
  • eastern and western
  • I administer Fort Dodge killed WNV.
  • Recombitek WNV
  • Recombitek
  • Fort Dodge
  • I leave it up to the vet.
  • Its on the vet bill but I never check to see which one it is
  • The brand I buy from the catalog. :)
  • Yes, I give the original Fort Dodge vaccine
  • Ft. Dodge West Nile/EWT
  • fort dodge
  • Fort Dodge
  • get a combo shot from my vet
  • I go by my vet's recommendations
  • I keep the syringe bag with all pertinent info as part of my permanent files.
  • I use the combo
  • Of course I know!! I'm responsible for making sure they have good care.
  • Both of my vets have recommended Merial's RECOMBITEK , as they think it superior to the others on th
  • I use the ft dodge vaccine straigh wnv no comb
  • Prevenile but they had some bad problems with reactions last year
  • the 5 way shot
  • I insist my horses receive WN Innovator +EWT. It is the original and has all the science behind it.
  • I don't give WNV. How can they have a vacine for horse and no other animal or human.
  • Intravet
  • West Nile Innovator by Fort Dodge - killed virus
  • WNV an independent shot
  • don't vaccinate for it. horses have been exposed so no need
  • Fort Dodge
  • I know because I give it myself. Vet gives Rabies Vacc., pulls coggins, etc;
  • merial recombitek
  • I trust my vet to know how to vaccine my horses
  • I leave it up to my vet to use the correct vaccine
  • my horses don't get one
  • Prevenile as it is a once yearly vaccine.
  • they recieve the eastern,western tetanus wnv comb shot i get this from my veterinarian.
  • As far as I know it is WNV by fort dodge
  • Nope. But I always get it from my only vet.
  • Ft. Dodge West Nile Innovator
  • innovator
  • WNV Innovator a WNV/5way shot
  • Innovator - Fort Dodge
  • I dont vaccine, to many side effects from it.
  • they don't get one
  • Merial modified live virus
  • against lineage 1, but here is lineage 2, i cant be sure that it works
  • all 10 got prevenile, 9 prior to the recal
  • My vet gives me printouts on all vaccines
  • Pfizer/Ft. DOdge
  • 'mosquito shot' combo (pfizer)
  • I have used the combo for 2 years and administer myself.
  • fort dodge
  • VEWT
  • West Nile Plus EWT
  • The vetjust vaccinates everone
  • straight WNV
  • Fort Dodge West Nile Innovator single dose
  • WNV alone (not a combo), Ft Dodge brand (killed version)

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