Readers Turn to Vets for Deworming Information

More than 440 readers of responded to a poll asking, "Where do you get most of your deworming information?"

results of poll on deworming

Results were as follows: 

  • Veterinarian: 42.12% (187)
  • Equine publications: 34.68% (154)
  • Internet: 19.82% (88)
  • Peers: 3.38% (15)
  • TV/radio broadcasts 0.00% (0)

Readers shared where they get their deworming information in the comments below.

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  • feed dealers
  • She recommends testing manure 2X a year and if negative do not worm. I live in the desert.
  • My horses graze in pastures 24/7. Is this really bad ?
  • Eq. publications, vet, internet
  • We get all of ours from our vet.
  • General info from publications, but final decision through discussions with veterinarian.
  • I read a ton about worming both in magazines and on the web but also always ask my vet
  • Already know a lot. Read articles for newest changes in drugs or thoughts.
  • always trust your vet!
  • internet and equine publications 2nd
  • I usually get info before my very busy vet does
  • Veterinarian and equine publications are about the same as internet ,I don't watch TV
  • From U of Florida equine trade show
  • I read the information andthen ask the vet's opinion
  • internet where do you think your vet keeps up with all the new things coming out.
  • My vet's thinking is too old school for me on this topic!
  • Articles in magazines have been very helpful
  • peer reviewed journals, actually
  • I've found the average vet isn't always up on new research
  • from The Horse, of course!
  • also do fecals often
  • then I pass along to vet. No, seriously vet is in 2nd place for info
  • My vet and I always discuss a science-based "strategy" for every horse.
  • University Website
  • Vet and reserach
  • Years ago I studied what was needed & when, for what worms...
  • I also use the Internet and Equine publications.
  • Often from manufacturers
  • I ust as much info from as many places as possible to stay up to date
  • Vets (myself included) have been removed from the picture by direct marketing.
  • i consider all sources and make my own decision for my horse
  • I use more than 1 vet; 2 are up on strategic deworming; others still recommend every 2 months
  • I have a great vet, but he is very reticent and hard to get info out of.

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