Readers Share Dewormer Preference

More than 460 readers of responded to a poll asking, "Which of the following dewormers do you use to treat encysted small strongyles?"

results of poll on choosing a dewormer

Results were as follows: 

  • Ivermectin: 35.57% (164)
  • Moxidectin (e.g., Quest): 25.60% (118)
  • Pyrantel Pamoate (e.g., Strongid): 19.09% (88)
  • Fenbendazole (e.g., Panacur): 15.84% (73)
  • Other 3.90% (18)

Readers shared what they prefer to use in the comments below.

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  • powerpack!
  • As a 5-day double-dose series
  • Ivermectin can be use full in ways never ne. My vet diagnosed my horse with this because he was rubb
  • Does anything else get them besides moxidectin?
  • Panacur Power Pack
  • quest 1st if unsatisfactory results then power pack
  • quest plus
  • use both Ivermectin and PowerPack (5day, double dose) 2 months apart
  • Equest plus
  • Powerpac is the only thing that worked
  • eqvalan Gold. ivermectin and praziquantel
  • Panacur Power Pak (fenbendazole) 5 doses
  • moxidectin is the only active that kills encysted small strongyles
  • Along with quarterly ivermectin - still have 0 fecal egg counts.
  • equimax
  • Always do rotational dewormers & natural herbs!
  • Quest
  • PowerPack/double dose/5 days
  • fenbendazole in past but moxidectin next
  • I use Equimax in March & November, Zimectrin Gold in August & Quest in Oct. Panacur 5 Dec.or Jan.
  • Use a rotation of wormers ie Quest, Ivermectin, Ivermectin Gold, Albendazole.
  • Use Quest when needed as determined by FECs. It's the only one effective in 1 dose!!!
  • Strongid
  • all of them on a rotation schedule
  • Zimectin Gold
  • I generally use Ivermectin, but i do rotate with Panacur and Pyrantel Pamoate.
  • different dewormers each time, like to 'rotate'
  • Panacur Power Pak every March
  • I rotate the wormers. Hopefully, the worms won't build up a resistance to them
  • equimax
  • I donot use chemical dewormers I use an herbal one called n.o.m.s. and one called worm clear and do
  • Discuss with Vet and she makes reccomendations
  • and follow up 2xs yearly Zimectrin Gold
  • ROTATION! Pyrantel pamoate: Jan & July. Ivermectin: Mar-May-Sept. Tapeworm: Nov
  • double dose for five days
  • power pack
  • I also use Equimax 2 x's year
  • diamataceous earth
  • Rotate Rotate Rotate Ivermec & Moxi
  • for summer months
  • Larvacidal dose of Fenbendazole which can be bought as Power Pac
  • barn owner does it - don't even know what she uses!
  • panacur powerpac
  • 5 day double dose fenbendazole
  • Safe-Guard Power-Dose
  • Usually do 5 day double dose with Panacur then a Moxidectin drench 7 days later on my youngstock
  • we power pack using SafeGuard
  • diatomaceaous earth & healthy living
  • Quest Plus
  • My Vet does a spray in mouth he invented and mixes his own
  • Only effective active against ency.strong in one dose.

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