Moore, Paragallo Denied Jockey Club Privileges due to Welfare Cases

The Jockey Club board of stewards voted Aug. 21 to deny New York resident Ernie Paragallo and Ohio resident Chad M. Moore all privileges of The American Stud Book effective Jan. 1, 2011.

The action against Paragallo was taken based upon information received by The Jockey Club's registrar. The Jockey Club said the information included the judgment entered March 10, 2009, in New York Superior Court concerning acts of cruelty to a horse. Paragallo was fined and sentenced to serve a maximum of two years in jail.

The action against Moore was taken based upon information that included Moore's guilty plea on March 2, 2009, in Clermont County, Ohio, Municipal Court concerning acts of cruelty committed to a horse. Moore was fined and sentenced to 180 days in jail.

Denial of all privileges of The American Stud Book includes the privilege to register foals or submit any documents related to foal registration. The Jan. 1, 2011, effective date allows registration of foals already conceived prior to the judgment.

"The Jockey Club fully supports and assists law enforcement agencies, the courts, and racing regulatory authorities in the investigation of matters involving cruelty to Thoroughbreds," Jockey Club chairman Ogden Mills Phipps said in a statement. "When there is a final determination by a court, an official tribunal, or an official racing body that a person has killed, abandoned, mistreated, neglected or abused, or otherwise committed an act of cruelty to a horse, The Jockey Club will not hesitate to take appropriate action."

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