Postmortem Exam on Oki Doki Released

Results of a postmortem examination on Oki Doki have been released by the Equine Clinic of the University of Berne (Switzerland). The final report from the clinic states:

"Oki Doki, Warmblood gelding, bay, born April 4, 1996
In the evening of July 20, 2010, Oki Doki died in the trailer on the way to the Equine Clinic of the University of Berne, despite treatment administered prior to transport.

"Postmortem examination, performed at the Institute of Animal Pathology of the University of Berne, revealed that the cause of death was a severe acute purulent inflammation leading to a septic shock. The severe inflammation affected many organs, such as abdominal lymph nodes and the lungs. No route of entry of the bacteria could be identified.

"There was no evidence for an association of the abdominal infection with the chronic injury of the tendon. No other pre-existing lesions were found, in particular no macroscopic intestinal lesions."

As reported last month, Oki Doki had initially recovered well following surgery on the tendon injury incurred during competition in Cannes, France, in June. The horse had returned to owner José Larocca's stables near Geneva, Switzerland, but subsequently developed the complications that resulted in his death.

Argentinean José Larocca bought Oki Doki from Albert Zoer earlier this year and was due to ride the horse at the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games in Kentucky.

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