Nonprofit Launches Maryland's First Equine-Related Bookmobile

The Equihab Foundation launched an equine welfare and care bookmobile earlier this month, the first of its kind in Maryland. The program comes as part of Equihab's mission to prevent cruelty to horses, particularly through community education. Besides having numerous equine-related books, the nonprofit's "Mobile Outreach Unit" also features a computer—complete with printer, scanner and Wi-Fi--and a generator for power.

Equihab's white commercial van, which now houses the bookmobile, was previously owned by the local school district as a mobile classroom, said May Snyder, Equihab program director. Now the van continues to further education by bringing books to kids and adults alike, through visits to schools, clubs, and other groups by appointment. Although the vehicle can accommodate overnight travel, Equihab prefers that book lending trips are limited to locations within 30 miles of its North East, Md., office.

"Most of what we're going to be doing is going to be in or near our county," said Snyder, "But we also like to bring it to some of the horse expos, the larger events, and, if we have a request, outside of our area. As long as we have the funding to provide the gas, really, I have no problem taking (the bookmobile) wherever it's needed."

This bookmobile project is one of several educational projects Equihab sponsors. "We're always doing educational projects," said Snyder, referencing the numerous times Equihab took a pony to local schools, where many kids might know nothing about animals. Equihab has also helped with "Animals' Week" at a Cecil County summer camp, and the organization also has several PowerPoint presentations prepared to inform people about its role in horse welfare and rescue.

Equihab is looking to expand its library, which currently contains approximately 200 books, and the nonprofit hopes the equine community will donate books on such topics as horse training, health care, and animal welfare and rescue. Equihab would eventually like to feature horse- or veterinarian-related DVDs as well, so that those who might not be able to afford them otherwise can access these materials, said Snyder.

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