Readers Share Preference for Scheduling Online Events

More than 460 readers of responded to a poll asking, "What time of day (or night) would be best for you to catch an online webinar or live chat event related to horse health care? (All times Eastern U.S.)"

results of poll on online horse education

Results were as follows: 

  • Evening (6 pm or later): 67.45% (315)
  • Mid to late morning (9 a.m.-12 p.m.): 6.85% (32)
  • Early morning (7-9 a.m.): 6.64% (31)
  • Other: 5.57% (26)
  • Lunchtime (12-1 p.m.): 5.35% (25)
  • Early afternoon (1-3 pm): 4.93% (23)
  • Late afternoon (4-6 p.m.): 3.21% (15)

Readers shared what time they prefer in the comments below.

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  • I work full time, then go see my horse before going home
  • after feeding breakfast with my coffee b4 kiddies r up!
  • early morning 6-8
  • I'm on the west coast so 8pm eastern would be great
  • usually around 10pm is the best for me
  • after 8 pm or even later during the summer
  • pacific time
  • would like to be able to get this after 10 pm, to be able to watch a copy of the broadcast
  • Never have time!
  • Watch at my own time. Work hrs fluctuate from 8-14 hrs/day.
  • 8 p.m. or later. Got barn chores!
  • It's slow at my office in the early afternoon so that would be ideal for me.
  • Access at any time would be convenient after the live stream.
  • weekend
  • 9:30 PM
  • 8pm would be ideal.
  • Later in the evening, 9:00 or even past that
  • 9pm or later
  • on dial up, would love option to download video via work's T1.
  • Off season, Nov-March. early evening PST
  • 8:00 pm or later
  • after 10 pm, when I'm done teaching lessons
  • 7pm pacific
  • Midnight; I work second shift. Though noon would work too, unless it conflicted with barn time
  • I live in FL and we are having a miserably hot summer. so early morning or later is better
  • My work schedule is 3:30 to Midnight Pacific time.
  • Any time on Mon, Wed or Fri would work for me.
  • Preferab;y after 8pm once I'm home from work and the horses have been taken care of.
  • the later the better- say 11 PM
  • After work and after chores...
  • never
  • Also due to weekend horse events, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday would be best days and after 6pm MT
  • It varies as to the day - prefer to be able to log on at convenient time and get whole webinar.
  • horse chores in the morn, horse chores eve. then dinner then I'm pooped
  • late evening - 8 PM or later
  • 9pm-11pm
  • after dark
  • have to catch it at lunch time
  • 7pm or later Pacific Std Time
  • I'm on the west coast so late afternoon would be evening here.
  • preferably after 8pm!
  • Mountain Time
  • such a pain to be on a online webinar. Internet can be slow!
  • There is no best time for me.
  • after work!
  • Sadly, my computer won't let me participate in webinars. :-(
  • on demand
  • Chores done - I'm in!
  • Either noon or after 6pm

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