Lukas, the "World's Smartest Horse," to Release Documentary Soon

Filming has completed on the life documentary of Lukas, the Guinness World Record titleholder for the "World's Smartest Horse." The self-titled documentary follows him as a "racetrack reject" to his explosion on the world scene as a "horse hero" of sorts.

Lukas, which was produced by Hadi Khalil of International Production and Advertising, will include excerpts from the horse's races at Santa Anita Park in California from 1995 (courtesy of HRTV), as well as his most recent appearance on the television news magazine Inside Edition.

The film will also feature interviews with key people in Lukas's life, such as Don Scott Vrono, DVM, (Lukas's veterinarian); Dawn Mellen, founder and president of nonprofit organization After The Finish Line; book editor Andrea Glass; Stacey Erb, wife of Lukas's "personal driver" Chuck Erb; and Tat Yakutis, who started filming Lukas in 2009.

The purpose of the movie, according to owner/trainer Karen Murdock is "To convey a message that not fitting into a mold, or even failing, perhaps many times, doesn't mean we should give up on ourselves or others. It is still entirely possible to thrive and flourish and best of all, to help others through difficulties, despite hardship."

Scenes from Lukas' training, which includes such tricks as the Spanish walk, playing fetch, being blindfolded, and others, will be shown throughout the movie. It will also show newer skills Lukas is learning such as noticing proportion, spatial relationships, and object permanence—all of which could be future Guinness record attempts.

The documentary is finished and will be released once the Guinness World Records group releases their results (which could take up to eight weeks for the review process, see

For more information, check out Lukas's website.

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