Vaccinations: Readers Do Most in Spring, Not Summer

More than 360 readers of responded to a poll asking, "Does your summer activity level influence your equine influenza vaccination schedule?"

results of poll on summer equine vaccinations

Results were as follows:

  • No, I don't change my vaccination schedule: 83.88% (307)
  • Yes, I vaccinate more often: 8.74% (32)
  • Other: 7.38% (27)

Readers shared their summer vaccination routines in the comments below.

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  • This vaccine is basically useless, so I don't give it at all.
  • The showing schedule factors in too--the "travelers" get more shots.
  • I did more when I traveled more doing endurance.
  • west nile vaccination =yes=
  • With 8 horses it is too hard to keep track if they are all on a different schedule
  • Influenza is administered spring and fall.
  • With a new vax, my "go" horses don't need vax as often!
  • I believe in wholehealth to promote a healthy immune system
  • I don't vaccinate for influenza
  • I vaccinate all consistantly
  • don't vaccinate for flu
  • don't vaccinate for flu at all.
  • twice a year
  • vaccinate close to vet coming out to do Coggins, which is needed for some events
  • I don't vaccinate for Influenza
  • ONLY if I'm out and about with a lot of new horses
  • we vaccinate twice a year unless there is a breakout issue
  • yes of course because u increase their exposure
  • shots i use are once a year shots. i give them in the summer
  • do not vaccinate in the summer
  • if any horses travel they all get flu rhino shots every 2-3 months
  • I am cutting back on vaccinations due to the reactions from the vaccines & the age of my herd.
  • Mine get their shots in April
  • We don't get out much to shows/events, otherwise I would.
  • Always vaccinate for EI. It is spreading around my large barn-might vaccinate three times this year
  • My horses get EVERYTHING in April, & they're good for a year.
  • My schedule takes care of my horses
  • vaccinate only those going to events. The stay at homes don't get flu/rhino.
  • I revaccinate the show horses in the fall if they will cntinue to show into the fall
  • I live next to a boarding/training ranch, vaccinate for fear of exposure.
  • I don't vaccinate for flu
  • Vaccinate more often if I take my horse to an organized tail ride with other horses present
  • I alternate-intranasal in the fall, injection in the spring
  • I do not vaccinate for influenza
  • I always vaccinate in the late spring to be safe
  • I don't ever vaccinate for this one.
  • Yes, I start traveling end of March to the beginning of April, so they are done before we travel
  • I vacc. twice yearly, per my vet.s recomendations
  • I don't vaccinate for influenza, we don't travel much
  • when i am competing and traveling more, i increase vacs..
  • Why would I? No idea what this question means.

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