WEG: Readers Cite Ticket Price Concerns

More than 450 readers of TheHorse.com responded to a poll asking, "Are you planning on attending the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games in person?"

results of poll on World Equestrian Games attendance

Results were as follows: 

  • No 76.03% (349)
  • Yes 17.43% (80)
  • Undecided 6.54% (30)

Readers shared their plans for the World Equestrian Games in the comments below.

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  • I'd go if I could get off from work.
  • Signed up to voluteer for endurance but never heard back
  • My age and energy don't travel very far.
  • Can't afford it
  • I'd love to, but it's too far away and I'm too broke. Someday . . .
  • too expensive
  • wish i could!
  • CWHBA is joining Equine Canada with a booth. Will be great to rep our breed and see 1 dressage progr
  • wish I could but can't afford it
  • If I could afford it, I would go.
  • Too Expensive
  • Too many people and hotels are too expensive. Hope it will be on-line
  • Can't afford the trip
  • Can't wait. We bought our tickets the 1st day avaliable. Great seats!
  • Haying season keeps us on the ranch.
  • Can't afford it. sure wish I could go.
  • Wanted to go until I saw the ticket prices! Can't afford!!
  • I want to but can't
  • WISH I COULD!!!! but too pricy
  • too expensive
  • Wish I was!!
  • Too expensive!!
  • Tix are too expensive
  • Would love to, but can't afford it from CA.
  • Cannot afford the trip
  • Sadly too far, no one to care for animals on my property.
  • staying 6 days
  • reduced hours no $$
  • Luckily, I live in the area and will not be ripped off by the hotels who are making a killing!
  • Way to expensive. Set up so only the wealthy can attend!!
  • Driving Events is what I am going to
  • you have no idea how much i want too! But it is to expensive :(
  • We attend 6-8 weekend away horse shows or clinics a year, that's about all our budget will stand.
  • The price is exorbitant and I wish I had not bought tickets, but I did so now I have to go
  • too expensive : (
  • cannot afford it
  • Yay for media passes or it'd be too expensive!
  • Can't afford to go.
  • I am a volunteer
  • we are going to everything
  • Am currently selected as a volunteer for 3 areas, but work is now going to interfere..big bummer!
  • too expensive for lodging
  • would love to. can't afford to
  • cant afford to leave town.
  • Can't get away.
  • but i will surely be watching
  • I will have started college by then unfortunately
  • hotel price gouging makes me want to stay home
  • expensive!
  • Haha... I wish. :)
  • already have our tickets!
  • can't afford a trip
  • Would love to but are you nuts? Ridiculously expensive - better things to do with my $$
  • I would love to go, but simply can't afford to go.
  • But I REALLY want to!!!!
  • Would love to, can't afford
  • Will watch events on TV/Web; best seat! MAY go to shop; live close.
  • prelinary reining trials Tues. all I could afford
  • would love to
  • But I REALLY want to!
  • Got event tickets and as a volunteer!
  • I sure wish I could
  • Too expensive
  • Can't afford to.
  • We're going to the Dressage Freestyle and Eventing...and are very excited!
  • Too expensive
  • I have a guest from Denmark coming to attend too
  • Can't afford it.
  • I'm a volunteer! Can't wait!
  • wish I could afford it...
  • No job to support the trip
  • I already have my tickets for the eventing.
  • stadium jumping series
  • want to though!
  • Unless of course I win a nice lottery!
  • I'm from Vashon Island, Washington and I'll be there!
  • I wish I were.
  • A group of 4-H families are going. Can't wait!
  • It's a shame that it's so expensive and will preclude many from attending.
  • I wish!
  • most tickets for what I want to see are expensive.
  • Either the Breeders Cup or the WEG
  • Only the rich and elite can afford to attend...
  • too expensive
  • Way too over-priced!
  • for the driving portion
  • Too expensive but would love to go
  • cannot afford the time or money
  • Going to volunteer but hotels are too expensive plus min. committment is 6 days.
  • already got tickets
  • Wish I could afford to.
  • money issue
  • I wish.
  • Hopefully . . .
  • too expensive

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