Tire Blowout in Ohio Leaves Two Horses in Surgery

In one of a horse owner's worst nightmares, a front tire blowout in a pickup truck has left five family members in the vehicle split up between Lebanon, Ohio, area hospitals and two horses in surgery, according to Kypost.com. The pickup truck and gooseneck trailer left Interstate 71 near Lebanon around 12:30 p.m. on Sunday, and ran up the steep hill to the right after the left front tire blew out. A dog in the vehicle was reportedly also injured.

The human passengers were taken by ambulance and helicopter to nearby hospitals with varying degrees of injury, while both horses in the gooseneck trailer were stabilized at the scene by veterinarians from the Lebanon Equine Clinic and should recover "after a few surgeries." The horses initially had to wait in the trailer for rescue, as the trailer's back door was stuck against the embankment after it ran up the hill. Passerby Jessica Snyder, who drove by the scene with an empty horse trailer, was able to transport the injured horses to the clinic, where it is hoped that they will recover fully.

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