Vaccinations: Readers Follow Vet Recommendations for Brands

More than 630 readers of responded to a poll asking, "How do you determine which brand of vaccines to give to your horse?"

results of poll on brands of vaccinations

Results were as follows: 

  • Vet recommendation 67.67% (429)
  • Evaluate data on safety, efficacy, and duration of immunity: 15.30% (97)
  • Online research: 5.52% (35)
  • Availability at my local farm store: 5.05% (32)
  • Price: 4.89% (31)
  • 1Barn manager/trainer recommendation: 1.58% (10)

Readers shared their thoughts in the comments below.

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  • My horses' DVM is a certified equine practitioner and he knows what is needed.
  • With 10 horses, price is very important, unfortunately.
  • Discussing with Vet, as well as keeping informed through equine health articles.
  • I choose the one with the most active anthelmintic ingedient that I am looking for at that time.
  • I have found many barn managers require excessive coverage.
  • some vaccines cause more reactions than others by observation
  • The Vet is the only person to go nere my horses with a needle
  • I have found this is not necessarily the best source of information
  • There can be a combination of answers here, maybe you should have allowed more than one selection.
  • Less is more: I believe for most non-fatal infections natural immunity, fewer vaccines is best
  • And what my mare doesn't have shot reactions to...
  • What is available in single doses at my online vet supply. I don't want to buy a 10 dose bottle.
  • Been using same particular brands for years, no side effects noted. Shop for best price on them.
  • some of my horses have a reaction to the Ft Dodge adjuvent so I don't use it anymore
  • Ft Dodge causes reactions in my horse so I use any other brand.
  • Vet recommendation is #1, balanced by my research of efficacy and side effect studies
  • I have horses allergic to certain brands, so I remind the vet regarding which horse gets what.
  • I stay away from Ft Dodge products, more injecton site neck soreness from those vaccines
  • West Nile
  • Never had a serious reaction to Fort Dodge but have to several other brands.
  • I have never had a reaction from a Fort Dodge vaccine. Number one in my book!
  • I appreciate and trust the education and experience of my vet.
  • I trust my vet; she's very current & well-researched.
  • Have used fort Dodge for years with no problems
  • I feel my vet knows best.
  • What my vet recommends is what I go with. She's a great vet and I trust her opinion.
  • My vet takes care of all that.
  • I trust my vet to use the best available.
  • Fort Dodge is the gold standard for me.
  • I like Pfizer & Merial. I do Not like Fort Dodge
  • watch for bad reactions,and change brands
  • I ONLY vaccinate with homeopathic Nosodes.
  • Trust... where it comes from & how it is handled, coming to me.
  • Very few shots are given, if any. Given one at a time and avoid combination shots
  • price should never be a factor when it comes to your animals basic vaccines
  • Half Arab very reactive-I look for adjuvent that does not stimulate big responses
  • Have always used Ft. Dodge as my horse has never had a reaction to them.
  • I try to avoid Merial, based on prior experience
  • After 1 anaphalctic reaction, my vet gives all vaccinations.
  • also past experience. one brand always gives an adverse reaction so I don't use it.
  • Those choices presume I pay attention to brand; I use what the vet brings, don't know the brands
  • I use Intervet products because they have less negative effects such as swelling/stiffness post- vac
  • I quit most shots and switched to homeopathic nosodes after a history of bad reactions to shots.
  • From Horse Journal which doesn't accept advertising, they do the evaluations
  • My vet give the shots twice a year so he is familiar w/ the horses.
  • mine get what the vet recommends
  • I get advice from health care people in the field.
  • I avoid Fort Dodge at all costs - had a horse nearly die from one - and I'm not the only one.
  • NO Fort Dodge in MY barn. Too many problems with their vax.
  • my vet is most likely to be familiar with the latest pharmaceuticals available for equine use.
  • My vet determins what and when to give.
  • Vet recommendation, most of the time ;)

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