Going Green: Readers Share Tips

More than 500 readers of TheHorse.com responded to a poll asking, "What steps is your barn taking to stay "green" or eco-friendly?"

results of poll on green

Results were as follows: 

  • Composting manure: 77.53% (390)
  • Using energy-efficient light bulbs, automatic waterers, etc.: 58.45% (294)
  • Recycling used tack/equipment: 54.67% (275)
  • Using biodegradable and nontoxic products around the barn: 41.35% (208)
  • Using sacrifice areas in the pasture: 36.98% (186)
  • Using solar-powered fencing, lighting, etc.: 31.01% (156)
  • Other: 10.14% (51)

Readers shared what they do to be green in their barn in the comments below.

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  • tankless water heater, clear overhead panels
  • Giving composted manure to local farmer
  • wind and geothermal power
  • using finely ground cedar chips to lesson the amount needed for bedding- less waste.
  • spread manure on field
  • using fly predators instead of sprays and wipes
  • wheelbarrow and leg power,no tractor
  • We use feed bags as trash bags in the barn
  • fly pedators vs. chemicals
  • fly papers and parasitic wasps for fly reduction
  • Grey water system
  • pasture rotation
  • recycling shavings bags, reusing plastic grain/shavings bags
  • recycle feed bags, too
  • green or not , you just do it
  • I use goats to keep pastures mowed...saves on fuel and labor. no need to use chemicals on fencelines
  • Sweep hay barn & put all seeds on bald patches in fields to encourage grass growth
  • old stirrup leathers make great breakaway halter straps
  • We are in the process of installing solar on the barns and have a solar gate opener
  • By having the pasture to begin with - grass is great at converting CO2 to O2
  • solar hot water; extensive stewardship programs/projects
  • The bulbs were at a reduced price. Are more efficient.I don't believe all the Hype about going green
  • Oh, puhleez! Horses ARE eco-friendly!
  • grown our own treat
  • None of the above. But then we don't have a barn. Just 3 big lawn (field?) ornaments
  • nothing
  • Using lengths of well piping to enclose corrals. Placing used carpet in stall and feed trough areas
  • collecting water from roofs for use on farm
  • grass allergy
  • knit baling twine into door mats
  • Recycle plastic and paper.
  • not killing the greenpeace person who claims that by keeping horses i release CO into the atmosphere
  • Nothing is being done
  • usit it up wear it out make do do without!!
  • Have Guinea fowl and chickens to help with bug control and garlic for horses to replace most spray.
  • fly predators and purple martin hoses for pest control
  • turning off lights and water as much as possible.
  • I can't find an energy-efficient light bulb that works in cold weather.
  • most horse stuff is "green friendly"
  • A great deal of our building materials are from old buildings.
  • Just good horse keeping so called "green " practices are a scam.
  • picking stalls daily vs stripping;using pine instead of cedar so it will compost
  • Recycling shavings/manure at a plant that uses it for electricity.
  • I have used energy efficient light bulbs all through my barn for 3 years now.
  • Buying Hay Close to home.
  • horses kept in pens - no bedding used. Manure spread in dry lot / sand arena.
  • We use the composted manure on the garden
  • Use natural fly sprays and shampoos
  • Use feed sacks for trash bags and for sacking out tools.Ask myself what can I use this for?
  • Plan ahead, cut cost not quality, care of tack, & network.
  • fly predators instead of spray this year
  • reusing feed bags for storage
  • Green is over-rated. I have always tried to do the right thing in the past & will continue.
  • Not "Green" just simply smarter care
  • Something needs to be done about having the ability to recycle bailing twine; little options exist.
  • I use some solar electric fencing.
  • we added a recycling bin for cans & bottles
  • I pick up shavings directly from mill. Owner knows which woods work for horses.
  • Using old shavings in the roundpen. Shavings get rotated by horses training in roundpen. dries shavi
  • Bio-filtering contaminated runoff, regular de-worming, collecting clean run-off water to street,
  • Return our plastic feed bags to the feed store for recycling
  • almost everything is done by hand by us no tractors
  • recycle feed bags & baling twine, use natural fly defenses
  • Recycling, of course!
  • we installed a solar array on our barn to power the entier farm
  • enforcing recycling of trash
  • Use real horse power to drag arena, pull logs and a pony w/cart to feed all the other horses.
  • gutters, keeping grass on my pastures, protecting streams
  • minimize use of electricity - use lights sparingly
  • energy eff. bulbs dont work well in cold & cant be cleaned
  • No electric in barn, so very green!
  • We do a "barn" garden with the composed manure. Boarders, visitors are welcome to the produce grow
  • added windows - natural light, added trees - shade barn, planted native landscape - reduce water use

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