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A new app for your PC from allows you to read Kindle electronic books on your personal computer.'s sister book publishing arm (Eclipse Press) has a long list of equine-related titles that can be purchased and read for fun or business.

These titles include:

Horse Lover's Guide to Kentucky by Patti Nickell

Horses of the Storm by Ky Mortensen

Understanding Equine Hoof Care by Heather Smith Thomas

Equine ER by Leslie Guttman

Understanding Equine Nutrition by Karen Briggs

Understanding Equine Neurological Disorders by Dr. Bradford Bentz

Complete Equine and Legal Business Handbook by Milton C. Toby, J.D.

Understanding EPM by Dr. David L. Granstrom

Understanding Equine Preventive Medicine by Dr. Bradford Bentz

Understanding Equine Business Basics by Milton C. Toby, J.D., and Karen Perch, J.D.

Smart Horse Understanding the Science of Natural Horsemanship by Jennifer M. MacLeay

Care and Management of Horses by Heather Smith Thomas

Riding For Life by Rallie McAllister, M.D.

Understanding Your Horse's Behavior by Dr. Sue McDonnell

Understanding Breeding Management by Dr. Christine M. Schweizer

Horse Theft Prevention Handbook by J. Amelita Donald

Understanding the Broodmare by Dr. Christine M. Schweizer

Understanding Basic Horse Care by Dr. Michael Ball

Feeling Dressage by Ruth Sabine Schaefer

The New Equine Sports Therapy by Mimi Porter

Olympic Equestrian, A Century of International Horse Sport by Jennifer O. Bryant

Happy Trails, Your Guide to Fun and Safe Trail by Les Sellnow

Understanding Your Horse's Weight by Shannon Pratt-Phillips

Journey of the Western Horse, From Spanish Conquest to the Silver Screen by Les Sellnow

Thoroughbred focus:

Second Chance Horses, by Staff and Correspondents of Blood-Horse Publications

Ride of Their Lives by Lenny Schulman

Diary of a Dream by George Rwoand

Sunday Silence Thoroughbred Legend by Ray Paulick

Personal Ensign Thoroughbred Legend by Bill Heller

Exterminator Thoroughbred Legend by Eva Jolene Boyd

Ruffian Thoroughbred Legend by Milton C. Toby, J.D.

Handicapping for Bettor or Worse by John Lindley

Genuine Risk Thoroughbred Legend by Hallie McEvoy

Graveyard of Champions, Saratoga by Bill Heller

Affirmed and Alydar Thoroughbred Legends by Timothy Capps

The Seasbiscuit Story by John McEvoy

John Henry Thoroughbred Legend by Steve Haskin

Ten Best Kentucky Derbies by Staff and Correspondents of The Blood-Horse

Nashua Thoroughbred Legend by Edward L. Bowen

Merryland by Josh Pons

Forego Thoroughbred Legend by Bill Heller

Spectacular Bid Thoroughbred Legend by Timothy T. Capps

War Admiral Thoroughbred Legend by Edward L. Bowen

Go for Wand Thoroughbred Legend by Bill Heller

Swaps Thoroughbred Legend by Barry Irwin

Professional Care of the Racehorse by T.A. Landers

Native Dancer Thoroughbred Legend by Eva Jolene Boyd

Seattle Slew Thoroughbred Legend by Dan Mearns

Kelso Thoroughbred Legend by Steve Haskin

Damascus Thoroughbred Legend by Lucy Heckman

Citation Thoroughbred Legend byPohla Smith

Dr. Fager Thoroughbred Legend by Steve Haskin

Best of Talkin Horses by Ron Mitchell

Tales From the Triple Crown by Steve Haskin

Handicapping the Wall Street Way by Mark Ripple

The Agua Caliente Story: Remembering Mexico's Legendary Racetrack by David Jimenez Beltran

Diary of a Dream: My Journey in Thoroughbred Racing by George Rowand

Assault Thoroughbred Legend by Eva Jolene Boyd

Round Table Thoroughbred Legend by John McEvoy

Own a Racehorse Without Spending a Fortune by Harold Metzel

Secretariat Thoroughbred Legend by Timothy Capps

Dynasties, Great Thoroughbred Stallions by Edward Bowen

Women In Racing by John and Julia McEvoy

Racing My Father by Patrick Smithwick

Masters of the Turf by Edward Bowen

Man o' War Thoroughbred Legend by Edward Bowen

Legacies of the Turf, A Century of Great Thoroughbred Breeders by Edward Bowen

Great Horse Racing Mysteries by John McEvoy

Horse Racing's Greatest Rivalries by Staff and Correspondents of Blood-Horse Publications

At the Wire, Racing's Greatest Moments by Edward Bowen

Sire Lines by Abram Hewitt

The Kingmaker, How Northern Dancer Founded a Racing Dynasty by Avalyn Hunter

Women of the Year by Staff and Correspondents of Blood-Horse Publications

Greatest Kentucky Derby Upsets by Staff and Correspondents of Blood-Horse Publications


About the Author

Kimberly S. Brown

Kimberly S. Brown was the Publisher/Editor of The Horse: Your Guide To Equine Health Care from June 2008 to March 2010, and she served in various positions at Blood-Horse Publications since 1980.

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