Stem Cell Research: Readers Weigh In

More than 760 readers of responded to a poll asking, "What do you think about stem cell research for treatment of injuries in horses?"

results of poll on stem cell treatment

Results were as follows: 

  • In favor: 77.94% (597)
  • Not sure: 17.89% (137)
  • Against: 4.18% (32)

Readers shared their feelings on stem cell research in the comments below.

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  • yes-anything for health
  • Scientists are now learning how to make stem cells from adult cells now!
  • As long as it does not include destroying embryos
  • I believe if it can help lead to a cure then it should be tried.
  • is this research promising?
  • only makes good sense
  • I am sure this would be another PMU travesty.
  • Faith-based opinion must nver blockhealth-care research. Take care of your own self.
  • If it will help heal a horse why not!!!!!
  • anything which help keep my horse health is a plus
  • We have already used this treatment on one of our jumpers, minimaly invasive, stunning results RSA
  • Let's go for it.But i'm not yet convinced it will be the panacea some claim.
  • Anything that furthers helping horses
  • why ever not?
  • What's to think about? Do it!
  • It has shown to be successful in humans.
  • Incredible results for some lameness injuries.
  • As long as the horse being treated is NOT suffering!
  • bring it on!
  • Research is benenficial for everyone
  • . Stem cell therapies often produces tumors, so I'm not sure if I would use it right now.
  • Any scientific research is helpful; so many grounds can be covered with knowledge.
  • Why would anyone be against this?
  • undecided
  • Sure why not?
  • if it makes the animal healthy with no pain, great.
  • Let's take advantage of all that science can offer!
  • if succeed good for our horses
  • I'm tired of messing with nature for human gain. Look at it through horses eyes
  • Very expensive. Two boarders did this - one horse recovered, other did not. Three treatments each.
  • I believe limited stem cell therapy has already been successful in horses.
  • If only the FDA would allow this treatment for humans.
  • i think we should go for it!
  • anything that will help is ok with me
  • Animals first-then who knows!
  • And humans, please.
  • Works wonderfully well
  • At this point, I'm in favor of it..but it still seems really new 2 me, perhaps more info :)
  • Any new research that is effective and saves lives must be tried.
  • It is amazing how quickly injuries are resolved w/Stem Cell tx.
  • Go for it, save the good ones
  • It might be wonderful but cost prohibitive for most horse owners
  • I've had UC Davis treat my yearling. It's made a difference.
  • In my opinion it would undoubtedly be a great leap forward in combating injuries to the horse
  • I don't know enough about it. If it actually helps than is might be a good thing
  • And in people. It's a good thing.
  • It has proved to be effective in dogs and cats.Why not horses and humans?
  • Use the latest medical research to give our horses the advantage of better medical care.
  • maybe it will help people realize how it can humans also
  • Who knows what they'll discover, but how many of us will be able to afford the resulting treatment
  • Stem cell research should be availavle to all mammals, invluding humans !
  • I think it would be great but cost prohibitive
  • If the science & technology is there... use it!!!
  • I have a horse w/leg condition that might benefit from stem cell therapy
  • Too bad humans don't benefit too.
  • Stem cell therapy has already saved the lives of many horses, and helped Lava Man.
  • had this done with our TB when he bowed healed fabulously
  • As long as its not human embryonic stem cells, then I say, Go for it!
  • if they do it for humans why not our horses
  • In favor for sure!
  • Great progress already, now we need it for cartilage replacement.
  • if it can save lives why not
  • anything that helps and doesn't cause pain i am for
  • In favor of it for humans too.
  • Absolutely!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • It's not ethical for people, and it's probably not ethical for horses.
  • great if you have the money
  • Anything that will facilitate healing should be used.
  • It has worked when all else failed.
  • I just hope the results will help not just the wealthy few !!
  • Don't know the current research and results.
  • More expensive options to make the small horse owner feel bad about the care they give to their hors
  • expensive, but I would do it for a good horse
  • Research on horses/other animals will likely be beneficial for humans at some point
  • No negatives; cells are from the horse they'll be used in; should be done this way for humans
  • I don't know enough about it to make an intelligent choice
  • Many new possibilities in vet and human medicine
  • my horse was treated with stem cells for a torn suspensory
  • Go for it, wave of the future.
  • The results have been promising so far.
  • -shows great promise, but needs more study & refinement
  • research is a good idea
  • No ethics are involved with horses, and maybe equine research will help humans.
  • just hope it eventually becomes more affordable
  • I have a young horse who ruptured his fascia - stem cell may be only option for productive life
  • Would first need to know the odds that this will have an impact on my horse.
  • Efficacy still inquestion, but I'd try it if nothing else worked.
  • Very promising.
  • Stem cell therapy is going to change equine and human medicine. Just don't go to embryonic research.
  • Im in favor of any thing that can help my equine partner
  • I've used it, it works.
  • I have seen it help one horse's injuries.
  • Yes

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