British Vets Encourage Responsible Anthelmintic Use

The British Veterinary Association (BVA) recently launched a campaign to remind veterinarians to use anthelmintics in grazing animals, such as horses, responsibly.

The campaign, which includes a poster that outlines the Do's and Don'ts in the use of anthelmintics, is in response to a growing concern to the resistance to these dewormers.

The poster, accompanied by additional online guidance, carries the strong message "Think Twice Before Prescribing Anthelmintics". The poster is intended for display in veterinary practices as a reminder to veterinarians and their clients of the need for responsible use of these products.

Launching the poster, Peter Jones, chair of the BVA's Medicines Group, said, "Every use of anthelmintics increases the risk of resistance developing. Veterinary surgeons have a duty to ensure anthelmintic use is judicious and limited to circumstances when treatment can be effective, targeted and based on sound veterinary diagnosis.

"The BVA advises all vets to work with their farming clients to develop a farm health plan that encompasses an effective worming strategy and a full grazing management program to reduce the need for treatment," Jones continued.

"Vets must also promote good worming practice to ensure dosage is based on accurate weight measurements," Jones said. "Underdosing is a major factor in the development of resistance.

Professor Bill Reilly, president of the BVA, added, "Action to minimize the development of resistance is urgent and essential and we hope this poster will serve as a constant reminder to vets to think twice before prescribing anthelmintics."

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