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More than 520 readers of responded to a poll asking, "On what horse health care topics would you like to see in-depth videos?"

results of poll on online videos

Results were as follows: 

  • Foot problems 54.20% (284)
  • Desensitizing horses to objects 45.80% (240)
  • A routine vet/lameness exam 42.56% (223)
  • Trailer loading training 33.78% (177)
  • Traveling with your horse 31.11% (163)
  • Foaling 23.28% (122)
  • Other 13.74% (72)

Readers shared what they would like to see on in the comments below.

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  • previews of horse motion pictures
  • An MRI being done on a hoof andd the explanation of findings
  • How to give injections
  • Live cover breeding
  • biomechanics
  • What to do with a colic
  • colic/colic surgery
  • horse jumping
  • myopia and hyperopia of horses
  • skin allergies
  • chokeing
  • putweightonapoorhorse
  • more on dealing with arthritis and aged equine companions
  • Pasture care
  • samples of extreem deformities
  • MOre on the latest nutrition info - new homeopathic feeds.
  • chiropractic assessment and care
  • First aid, bandaging, eye ointment app, injections
  • Of my 5 horses 3 have leg issues; interested in anything to do with lameness
  • white line disease
  • rescuing anew horse & not compromising I already have. He's old.
  • different types of sports with horses
  • over heating
  • My 15 month old gelding rears up while leading. How can I stop this?
  • visually highlight what the vet is looking a 'good' result split screen w/ a 'bad' result
  • colic
  • male hygiene
  • Vets getting to the root of horses lameness problems. Navicular or Arthritis
  • parasites on outside of horse
  • first aid for horse/rider & how to protect yourself from an attack while horsebackriding alone
  • skin allergys, what meds of shampoos are best for the allergies. Think natural fixes
  • kissing spine, ulcers, behavioral health
  • Foot Problems
  • Demonstration of assessing joint issues: bone vs soft tissue, strains vs damage,invasive vs non Tx.
  • feeding / nutrition
  • losing wieght
  • Imprinting your new foal
  • ALL of the above
  • Horse Massage
  • Specific preventive care for seniors (mine being 23, but still full of life/energy)
  • Heart Disease/prognosis
  • stifle locking
  • in depth description of viruses, how to prevent and treat them
  • The hoof & the injuries that affect them, inc. bones, navicular, laminitis, white line, & causes.
  • Bitless bridles...less equipment on horses
  • what sick horses look like.
  • video of colic behavior ie appearance of abd andbehaviors horse has with colic, comfort measures.
  • head shaker syndrome
  • telling horses age by teeth
  • Body Condition Score
  • complimentary Alternative Medicine
  • Colic management
  • Would LOVE to see latest in nutririon and laminitis research (mast cells).
  • Saddle fitting and back problems
  • AI semen evaluation
  • Scratches, and other leg scabbies/swellings and broad range of treatments
  • how to properly check your horses teeth for potential problems
  • weght gain
  • riding
  • home remedies
  • Developmental orthopedic disease
  • to give my horses the best care and that means vet care, farrier, food, hay, and supplements, water
  • ppid
  • NATURAL HOOF CARE.....done by natural hoof care practioners, not farriers
  • dental care-standard float vs. newer hi-tech methods
  • not interested in video
  • eastern equine encyphelatis
  • navicular. ringbone. hock and tendon function.
  • Feed and nutrition
  • How to break the habits of a heardbound horse
  • feeding
  • Wound care or first aid
  • wound care
  • eye health & problems
  • clipping
  • correct/ incorrect vidoes of the footfall sequence of the foxtrot and running walk, naturally done
  • Blindness caused by filaria
  • colics
  • feeding racehorses
  • What brands of supplements work on arthritis.
  • videos showing specific lameness
  • equine metabolic syndrome and the connection to laminitis
  • Giving injections IM - including how to draw syringe
  • conformation
  • equine metabolic syndrome; Cushings Disease
  • Sweet Itch
  • In depth examples of correct and incorrect leg,foor and stifle confirmation
  • It would be VERY helpful to have more infomation regarding the care and feeding of the HYPP horse.
  • anything from dr. kellon
  • Especially loading into a 2horse side by side!
  • identification of problems or abnormalities.
  • Any kind of health issue for Donkeys
  • saddle fitting
  • old horses that don't eat well
  • fitness/training tips
  • colic,digestive system head to tail.
  • None - I have dial-up
  • lminitis/founder, colic, hoof boots use RX
  • Braiding
  • A beginning-to-end foaling video would be great, including passing the placenta/checking for tears.
  • Starting young breeding stallions
  • Nutrition
  • stalled horses, bone density, vices, growth, habits
  • identifying lameness from irregularities in gait
  • diagnosis and treatment of anterior cruciate ligament injuries
  • fedding yearlings
  • Reaction to different enviornments
  • equine massage
  • more on shoeing or barefoot trimming for underrun heels
  • non-invasive treatments, bodywork, massage, wellness
  • there are already plenty of vids on all of these except travel and vet routine
  • improving pastures
  • trailer safety checks
  • colic

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