Spooky Steeds: Readers Share Halloween Horse Plans

More than 570 readers of TheHorse.com responded to a poll asking, "Are you dressing your horse up for Halloween?"

results of poll on celebrating Halloween



Results were as follows: 

  • No, I don't have plans 79.38% (458)
  • Yes, I love getting into the spirit 16.12% (93)
  • I don't know 4.51% (26)

Readers shared their Halloween plans in the comments below.

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  • yes I did it was awesome :)
  • I am going to be a doll
  • check them out and be sure they are safe
  • staying home
  • my horse loves attention, even if it means putting objects on her body.
  • We have a barrel race here for Halloween and lots of girls dress their horses for a contest.
  • My mare is Dressing as a mouse and I will be a cat
  • my mare is going to be lion and my daughter is the lion tamer
  • Just another day, says me and my horse.
  • The less stress for her the better!!!
  • Star's Little Red Tiding Hood & I'm the Big Bad Wolf
  • We dress horse and rider up and trick or treat the neighborhood & family
  • My current horse has a sense of humor-he seems to like being "dressed up"
  • Our barn had it's Halloween party, but my gelding gets scared when he sees other horses dressed up.
  • my white arab is a zebra and my quarter mare is a witch.
  • It's "requested" by the woman I'm taking a lesson/clinic with on the 31st, don't know what I'm doing
  • I'll be the devil and my gray will be a red-spotted appy
  • lol no mine will eat i think haha
  • Used to--but I'm in an adult barn now--feel silly doing it alone.
  • mouse
  • I would love too, but might not have enough time to make one
  • Our boarding barn does Boo at the Barn but this year my girls just want to go w/o dressing up.
  • When my daughter was young, I took her on my horse around the neighborhood as the headless horseman.
  • Sonny's dressing as Dennis the Meanace
  • Yes we have a contest each year at our barn
  • I'm hiding my horses away from trick or treaters because of possible abuse.
  • You're kidding, right?
  • Mine don't need any excuses to act like idiots!
  • MY OTTB barn name is Batman so he will be himself and I will be catwoman
  • Will be keeping mine inside and away from the craziness and noise.
  • he wore an indian headress
  • "Dressing" for any reason would be below my mare's dignity!! She wouldn't allow it.
  • Would love to dress him up but have no opportunity. :(
  • Riding Group does a costume ride and potluck together each year.
  • Next year I will dress up one of the ponies and tak it with the kids...kids too young this year
  • were camping & doing a benifit obstacle challenge with a costume contest to follow.
  • normally I would, but I will be out of town. ;-(
  • none
  • We are having a party and contest at our barn! Lots of fun!
  • Emphatically NO!
  • We are dressing up the horses at Special Equestrians, a riding therapy program. All 9 horses!
  • I don't "do" Halloween at all; it doesn't flip my switch
  • Halloween was fun, now it is elevated to industrial complex holiday. Buy less, stay green.
  • This year she will be a zombie bride, last year she was a unicorn!
  • my horse is an animal not a person.
  • ballerina with a pink too too
  • I don't celebrate the devils day
  • Costume Contest - I am going to be a vampire and my horse is going to be a Werewolf
  • but I have in the past
  • Always won costume class at shows - made full sheet,neck, head costume in black w/stars & moons
  • we have halloween party with costume contest at our barn every year --we did 3 pigs & big bad wolf
  • I encourage my lesson students to wear their costumes to the barn for a picture with the horses :)
  • Horse is going as the Cowardly Lion; I will be Dorothy!
  • You have got to be kidding......
  • My horses would kill me!
  • stay home and just spend time with my horse
  • But I do dress up all of my dogs and my foster dogs - and folks come just to see them!
  • $ of us are going to dress up ythe horses and ride into the village
  • at our barn we have a costume parade and all the kids and horses are dressed up.
  • I'll be spending time auditing the Robert Dover Symposium with Robert Dover and Darren Chiacchia.
  • No, Halloween scares me.
  • we don't celebrate Halloween
  • sometimes i put a little something on him, but i don't get into it much.
  • The riding lesson kids are painting and putting custumes on their horses
  • would if it would stop raining
  • For years my daughter and a friend dressed their horses for the Halloween Jump off at the NKHA Show!
  • My horse and goat wil get treats, but no costume.
  • No but my barn mates do
  • she will be dressed as the merry widow.with spiders on her black veiled hat..lol
  • We do a Hallowe'en on Horseback where 15 horses and riders dress up to raise $ for theraputic riding
  • Barn party, costumed horses and riders, games, prizes, food
  • Not this year
  • Are you kidding? Horses don't even like blankets, let alone costumes!
  • for halloween charity trail ride
  • will be gone to see Willie Nelson

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