Rabies: Readers Share Their Choice of Vaccine

More than 650 readers of TheHorse.com responded to a poll asking, "Does your horse receive an equine-specific or multi-species vaccine?"


results of poll on rabies vaccination

Results were as follows: 

  • Equine-specific vaccine 60.18% (393)
  • Horse is vaccinated, but I don't know which type 15.47% (101)
  • Multi-species vaccine 13.32% (87)
  • I don't vaccinate for rabies 10.11% (66)
  • Other 0.92% (6)

Readers shared what their veterinarians use in the comments below.

Poll sponsored by Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health.

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  • equine vet takes care of it
  • Given by vet, so I assume he is using equine-specific - I will ask next time
  • Wildlife is everywhere, bats are both in the city and countryside. What vet is so stupid ?
  • Imrab 3 by Merial
  • Why have these surveys become so boring? Enough with rabies!
  • My horses get both... equine specific and multi-species specific (rabies)
  • Vet saisd we don't need it! L.A. County!~
  • I stopped giving them the vaccine because they coliced all the time.They haven't coliced since.....
  • Switching to Equine next spring.
  • Vaccine by Merial
  • My horse get his rabies shot every year!
  • will receive Equirab next time
  • we worm with equimax but im not sure if we vaccinate with the same stuff
  • My vet will only vaccinate with equine specific vaccines.
  • I have a WONDERFUL vet (wish I could find a people doctor as good!)
  • Multi-species vaccine was all I could locate at this time.
  • 6 in 1 shot
  • my horse has a rection to equine vaccine so receives canine
  • 23 yr old gelding could avoid if titres were allowdd
  • Rabies isn't a problem here (Pac NW), and my three fellows don't travel.
  • once in the spring and in the fall
  • my vet administers it, so not sure which type
  • Now I'll have to ask my vet/
  • Rabvac
  • Rabisan is the vaccine used in Southern Africa for all species
  • He's a horse! not a ??????
  • We don't have equine rabies in our area.
  • Also recieves rabies -- has for 10+ years.
  • horse shots for horses, dog shots for dogs.
  • Equine Vet, I never thought to ask!
  • would prefer equine specific but my vet doesn't have any
  • Whatever the vet recomends
  • head shaking
  • my vet does it every spring to protect in the summer
  • rabid animals may wander through the pasture and leave rabies savila on the grazing area.
  • Horses get vac.when they get all the other shots they need
  • vet recommended against rabies vaccination
  • Very necessary vaccination.
  • I did vaccinate for rabies when I lived in a part of the country where rabies risk was higher.
  • I have vaccinated for rabies for years, so I use to use a multi-species way back when
  • with Rabies having to be given by a vet many folks just don't bother. Me included.
  • Good question - I'll ask next time!!
  • In 40 yrs of having horses have never vaccinated for rabies. It was never recommend to me before.
  • every year for years
  • all are vacinated for rabies plus other shots
  • African Horse Sickness & Rabies
  • vet vaccinates them, haven't asked if they were species specific
  • defindently equine specific
  • My vet uses ImRab 3, made by Merial

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