Rabies: Readers Share Firsthand Experiences

More than 870 readers of TheHorse.com responded to a poll asking, "Have you ever had a firsthand experience with a rabid horse?"


results of poll on rabies

Results were as follows: 

  • No, I have no idea what a rabid horse looks like 51.60% (451)
  • No, but I know what clinical signs to look for 36.16% (316)
  • No, but I have seen a rabid horse through video on the Internet, TV, etc. 6.98% (61)
  • Yes, I have witnessed a rabid horse case 4.46% (39)
  • Yes, I had a horse die from rabies 0.80% (7)

Readers shared their experience with rabies in the comments below.

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  • my vet of 50 years here in rural AZ has seen 1 rabid horse in his career
  • we vacinate for rabies
  • My horses live behind my vet-rabid horse brougt in. wierdly lethargic
  • I thank my lucky stars I haven't met up with a rabid anything
  • seen rabied coons & skunks on my farm
  • My vet said not to worry about rabies vax because we live in So. Cal! Forget that!
  • ...and I don't ever want to see one! Get your horse vaccinated
  • I always vaccinate all animals on my farm for rabies
  • just looked like a depressed horse. i had to take the series
  • Very curious as to what all the focus is on rabies in Horse.com
  • of shots, because i had my hands on him
  • I have not had one-on-one experience w/ a rabid horse, but I am aware of the signs/risks
  • I have no idea even what to look for, its is so rare to me that I never knew it was a problem
  • my vet said it is extremely rare
  • Its insane
  • unfortunately many people do not know how it can be acquired (zoonotic di
  • 8 YO horse died... vets said no need to vax cuz it wasn't "in" my area :-(
  • Saw a Rabid horse once and hope to never again.
  • I have seen rabid wildlife in my pastures, So I vaccinate yearly
  • But I live in Sweden were we are lucky enough not to have rabies. (Yet - I might add!)
  • Have an old mag w/photos of rabid horses; interesting but scary!
  • what a horrible end
  • I saw 1 horse with rabies. It guit eating and lost 200# in 3 - 4 days. 10 poeple got the shots.
  • Must be careful not to contact anything with infected horse's saliva
  • it was my donkey
  • No, I have vaccinated my horses for rabies since 1995
  • Thankfully I have not experienced a rabid horse but am glad I know the signs.
  • I just read up on the symptoms and I hope to god my horses never suffer like that.
  • Thank God no, but I still vaccinate!
  • clinical signs are so varied - can look like colic, lameness, dental problem
  • Rabies wouldn't be the first thing I'm thinking of, but it has occurred in wildlife in my area
  • I have had to have one out down due to a bite from a rabid animal and horse not current on shot
  • Have not seen a rabid horse but have seen rabid dogs and cats
  • Saw a case in a vet clinic in Iowa about 25 yrs ago
  • Rabies,looks like any other viral brain infection
  • not a pretty sight, and one you can never forget!
  • have no experience w/rabies
  • I keep my horses vaccinated.
  • I have been vacinating for rabies for years, it's really cheap for an always fatal disease.
  • Always had my horses vaccinated for rabies.
  • no and I hope I never do!!
  • unfortunatly I have seen a rabid raccoon
  • My vet had to take rabies shots because he was exposed
  • 1975 had to take the series due to a rabid horse
  • I hope I never have to witness such an event
  • ...and I hope NEVER to see one. We annually vaccinate everything that moves.
  • I was called in by a local Vet,I'm a behaviorist. The horse was presenting nurologic symptoms- I
  • Secondhand experience through a vet who encountered a rabid horse
  • don't need to see it to know i don't wnat my horse to get it
  • I do vacinate for rabies
  • rabies uncommon in my state
  • only skunks
  • I had a sheep with rabies this year he was bitten in the face had to be treated
  • Rabid dog - yes. Rabid horse - no.
  • Saw a documentary video on a local case. Very horrifying.
  • I understand that there are over ten million horses in the US and only ten cases of rabies reporte
  • I didn't really know that horses got rabies =( I definetly don't know what to look for

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