Abandoned Horse Teleconference Scheduled Oct. 6

Amidst reports of horses being abandoned due to the struggling economy, the University of Illinois Extension has scheduled a telephone conference on October 6 from 6:30 to 8:00p.m. to address this issue.

"Horses and other animals are suffering from the economic downturn right along with their owners," said Ellen Phillips, U of I Extension educator. "Across the country, horses are being abandoned at boarding facilities, sale barns, and riding venues."

State of Wisconsin humane officer Yvonne Bellay, DVM, will discuss the prevalence of equine abandonment, the issues that face both the animals and people, and what to do with an abandoned horse or other animal.

Yvonne Ocrant, an attorney specializing in equine issues, will walk through the legal aspects that arise for stable owners or anyone faced with an abandoned horse, including obtaining legal ownership, selling abandoned animals, and writing boarding contracts that include language to deal with this problem should it occur.

This program is being offered as teleconference, which means you can listen in from your home or stable. Registration is $5 per person. Online registration is available. Dial-in information and reference materials will be emailed to participants on Oct. 1.

Learn more about the teleconference.

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